I Want A Nose Job

By Claire Heikka


According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 63,629 cosmetic procedures were performed on teenagers age 13 to 19 in 2013 (Plastic Surgery For Teenagers). Many teenagers are uncomfortable with their appearance (Libal 13). They are willing to try anything and everything that promise the perfect body (Libal 31). What they don't realize is that they're searching for something that doesn't exist. Most teenagers today are pressured into doing what everyone else is doing and fitting in with the crowd (Libal 15). The plastic surgery industry makes billions of dollars each year on, mostly, insecure teenagers (Libal 17). They keep forgetting that they are always going to have flaws. Cosmetic surgery can negatively impact a teenager's life since it can affect their growing body and it can cause infections.


Many teens judge by appearances and not what is on the inside. This could lead to teens always doubting themselves and they might want a change in appearance.
A new look will increase self-esteem. Then, they will feel better than they did with their old look. Also, they will be more confident wherever they go.

First Rebuttal

Teens are at an awkward stage of their lives. For all teenagers under the age of 18 it is considered inappropriate. They are still developing (Libal 107). It is only okay when they are scarred or deformed from an accident or from birth. Teens have to pass a series of questions that will indicate whether they are mature enough. This test will let the surgeon or doctor know if the client is physically and emotionally mature enough. If the patient is not mature enough the surgeon will tell them because it could be dangerous if they proceeded. It is good for a teenager to consult with either a doctor or parent before undergoing the procedure. Most teens don't believe that they will be happy with their body, but they are mistaken. Teenagers will be satisfied with their appearance if they just waited patiently to fully mature ("Risks"). They know that it's what is on the inside that counts even though it is a little cliche, but they are pressured to fit in with so that more people will like them (Libal 105).
NBC Detroit - Plastic Surgery for Teens and Graduation

Second Rubuttal

Teenagers are not capable of comprehending the risks they are taking when they go under the knife. Many risks could be permanent and not fixable such as, numbness and tingling from nerve damage. Patients can receive pneumonia, blood clots, and rarely death. Scarring and excessive bleeding could lead to a second surgery after the first one ("Risks"). Patients also need to check to make sure their surgeon is certified. There are untrustworthy surgeons that are conducting surgeries on clients. You can also get infections in the section that is getting fixed. Nothing is perfectly clean. Implants are also dangerous because they're being put inside of their body and are most likely to have problems withing the first three years after the surgery (Libal 108). Surgeons, certified or not, can't determine exactly what the client will look like after the procedure. So it is possible of teenagers not liking their appearance and that can't be fixed (Libal 109).


Since teens are not done developing and can cause serious infections, cosmetic surgery can negatively impact a teenager's life. Many teenagers need to stop worrying about their appearance. Nobody has the perfect body and no one will, ever. They don't think about any of the problems it could cause. They just focus on their, hopefully, improved look. Teenagers need to think long and hard about their decisions. Once they are under the knife, there's no going back.


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