To AP or not to AP?

You CAN fit orchestra if you want!!!

TED Talk about importance of fine arts

AP credits matter, but don't give into all the hype!!

Selective colleges get far more applicants with strong APs and other signs of academic readiness than they have room to accept. From that group, they pick the ones with the deepest extracurriculars, warmest recommendations, best essays and most unusual family backgrounds.

Your GPA and after school activities matter!!

Taking AP courses can be a nice challenge, but if they bring your Grade Point Average lower, or take you away from extra-curricular activities, they may be hurting you more than helping.

See this link to read about the extra points they add to your grade, but that do not count towards college calculated GPA.

Take AP credits that make sense!!

Some colleges don't accept all AP courses. Some accept low scores for credit and some have much more rigorous requirements. Follow the links below to get an idea of your goals and what those institutions require.

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