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Weekly Update - November 10, 2014

Jefferson City Field Trip

Friday, Nov. 14th, 6:45am-5:15pm

1020 Dingledine Rd

St Charles, MO

We will be heading to Jefferson City as a grade level. Please do not come to school earlier than 6:45. Buses leave at 7:00 am. There will be more information to come this week, so check those daily take home folders.

Week in Review

I think the Cougar Cubs had a great week. We completed the Topic 5 Math test. We started Topic 6 in Math, which is multi-digit multiplication. We completed our Animal Adaptations research papers. We started our Unit 3 Westward Expansion Unit of Study. We completed Week 12 of Spelling. We had a fire drill. We are getting excited for our Jefferson City Field Trip. We had the Fall Carnival. We also voted on Tuesday. It seems ages ago, but we also completed the Owl Pellet science lab on Monday as well.

It was great to see some students at the Fall Carnival on Saturday. Although the Cotton Candy machine did not cooperate, I had a good time visiting with students, parents and having some great laughs.

Your students are doing a great job with Kidblog. You can visit their site, and you can also comment on their work. If you go to Kidblog, enter my email address. From there, select Mrs. Longmore's room and then you will have a chance to log in as your student. Their password is 1234. We will be using this site almost everyday this week, so please allow your student to bring their devices.

We had a discussion this week about Reading Logs. Going forward, if students have 5 weeks in a row of reading logs turned in (at least 80 minutes of reading/week, signed and name must be on them), they will participate in Movie Friday. This will occur every 5th week. We will start with reading logs for next week (due November 17th). Please note that Reading Logs must be on books that they are not reading for their small group. They also must include the summary. I have also decided to send the reading logs home a weekend early, since I am having difficulties remembering to pass them out on Mondays.

Math: We will be taking the Topic 6 test this week. We will be doing a review on Wednesday and students should bring this home to study. If they return the study guide signed, they will receive 2 extra credit points, which can be enough to raise their grade. I do this, because tests sometimes are not a good indication of what we know. However, I know that students are learning if their parents are asking them the same questions and having them work out the answers. You can even switch up the questions if they are having difficulties with them. I would also like to point out the the book has a "Reteach" page behind the Topic that is good for extra questions. You can access this e-text through your student's Pearson Realize login. Let me know if you need the answers.

A big thank you to Mrs. Silver, Mrs. Paschen, Mrs. Bartels and Mrs. Bufalo for chaperoning the Jefferson City Field Trip. Big thanks for Mrs. Harness for tagging along as well. This field trip would not be possible without Parent Volunteers.

Weekly Calendar

Monday, November 3rd
Reading Logs for the week of November 3rd are Due

Tuesday, November 4th
2:25pm: Keyboarding - Don't forget your headphones
5:00-7:00 Celebration of Veterans (I believe this is full and no more tickets are available)

Wednesday, November 5th
7:55am Razzamatazz
Birthday Celebrations for November in the Cafeteria (no guests please)

Thursday, November 6th
8:15 am- Student Council Meeting
Hat Day
We will take our Topic 6 Math Test
Spelling Test

Friday, November 7th

6:45 am - 5:15 pm Trip to Jefferson City
Spelling Test

Week 13

Math: We will finish Topic 6 this week and take our test.

Writing: During this Unit, students will have an option of using a pencil paper journal or the online Kidblog to journal. Everyday is a different prompt for what was learned in the Social Studies lesson.

Reading: In small group, we are going to motor on our books. I also have Kidblog set up for small reading group. So they can either record their responses on Kidblog or they can use the Reading Response packet that I have given them.
In addition we will start the Westward Expansion Unit of Study. We will be learning about expository and narrative non-fiction.
Our read-aloud book is Wonder. I hope to finish this up soon, since this Unit of Study also has a read-aloud that is required.

Social Studies: We will be learning about why the Louisiana Purchase was such an important piece of United States History.

In small reading groups
Purple Group: We are continuing with Tigers at Twilight
Orange Group: We continuing with Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Red Group: We are continuing with Double Fudge.
Blue Group: We are continuing with The Report Card
Book Club: We are continuing with the Lightning Thief

Weekly Objectives

Reading Objective:

    • Students will understand that stories with a historical setting often give background information to help the reader understand the current event
    • Students will use details from the text to grow theories about a character
    • Students will learn to read closely and sift through information in order determine relevant information for a task.
    • Students will refer to details in text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text
    • Students will integrate information from 2 texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject.

    Social Studies Objective:
    • Students will understand what the LA Purchase was, why it was so important, and how it greatly changed the US
    • Students will understand the goals and purposes T. Jefferson had for Lewis and Clark on the “Voyage of Discovery”
    • Students will understand what skills and qualifications Lewis and Clark had to be Co-Captains on the “Voyage of Discovery”

    Writing Objective:

      • Students will write clearly and with elaboration to convey learning
      • Students will reflect on experiences through journal writing
      • Students will compose an informational paragraph using the description text structure.
      • Students will write an opinion piece on a topic or text, supporting a point of view wiht reasons and information
      • Students will provide reasons that are supported by facts and details
      • Students will assess writing given a set of criteria

      Math Objectives

      • Students will multiply 2-, 3-, and 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers using the standard algorithm and estimate to check for reasonableness.
      • Students will identify what information in a word problem is missing or is not needed, and then solve the problem.
      • Students will review the information they have learned in this Topic
      • Students will show what they have learned about multiplication for Topic 6


          "y" as a short "i" sound



          • Primary source- “firsthand account” a document or physical object which was written or created during the time under study. These sources were present during an experience or time period and offer an inside view of a particular event.

          • Secondary source- “secondhand account” These sources are one or more steps removed from the event. Secondary sources may have pictures, quotes or graphics of primary sources in the.

          • Perspective- a way of regarding situations, facts, etc, and judging their relative importance

          Parent Resource

          I was reading my subscription to ADDitude Magazine and this article popped up (click on the magazine name to link to it). I thought I would share the link. For those students that have difficulties focusing on work after school or even at school, it might help.

          Log Ins

          username: first initial followed by last name @castlio (example: tlongmore@castlio), if this does not work, I added a 1 after the students name (example: tlongmore1@castlio)
          password: school id followed by "ca" (example: 123456ca)

          One Drive

          password: 4thGrade!
          For the password, you must use the capital and lowercase letters and the exclamation point.

          Voice Threads
          The link has to go to the FHSD subscription, so here is the link

          email: the students ID number (123456)
          password: francis

          You can click on this link and go directly to my site:

          Then select your student's name and their password is 1234. In the future, I will get parent codes in the system, but as of right now, I do not have them.
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