Independent Reading Options

Accelerated Reader and Reading Plus

Reading Plus

This year, APS has purchased a computer-based reading intervention program to boost students' comprehension levels, vocabularies, and fluency when reading independently. Now that all of the bugs have been worked out, students are able to access the program from home or at school. Students can access the program from home following these steps:
  1. use Google Chrome
  2. go to
  3. select student log in
  4. site code: rpsuttonaps
  5. click on the Clever link
  6. click on Active Directory
  7. enter the username and password they use at school to use a computer
  8. scroll down and select the orange Reading Plus widget
  9. Students can complete See Reader (comprehension), Read Around (vocabulary), or iBalance (fluency) activities/lessons

AR Points

Students are still encouraged to select books and take AR quizzes. I would like to see students who are not in need of reading intervention and read above grade level to use this method to track independent reading.

How will Independent Reading be Scored Going Forward?

The point goals have not changed, but I will be offering credit for Reading Plus lessons completed (with an 80% or above) in addition to AR points. Reading Plus lessons take around half an hour to complete, so I will grant .5 points for each passed lesson. Students will not be penalized for not completing Reading Plus lessons.

Point Goals

August: 4 points

September: 7 points

October: 8 points

November: 8 points

December: 3 points (due December 15)

Can Students Complete Reading Plus Lessons During Class?

Students can complete Reading Plus tasks during Friday's independent Reading time. Students in the most need of intervention will be given priority of access to computers.

How do I Know my Child's Reading Level?

I will be giving students a sheet with his/her comprehension level, vocabulary level, and fluency in the next week or so. This level can also be viewed on the Reading Plus site. I will also have these levels in Infinite Campus ASAP. The student's reading level will not affect their grade in my class. The number is a grade equivalent (e.g. a 1.5 is a student halfway through his/her first grade year, a 13 represents a student reading at a college level).

Please keep in mind that this is only an estimate of your child's level based on the Reading Plus program. It may not be an accurate representation. I only use this number to help me identify the best ways to help your child grow as a reader.