Earth Day Update

Select Hard to Recycle Items Can Now Be Recycled at Claxton!

Turn hard to recycle items into cash for our school with TerraCycle

The Green Team (with lots of help from parent volunteer Tricia Johnson and students in 3rd grade) decided to participate in FOUR different TerraCycle brigades. Plastic lined, color coded boxes will be placed on EACH floor and the K-1 wing next to large recycling bins. Bins are labeled to help us remember what goes where. Families will be notified via a flyer in Thursday folders. The more waste we collect, the more money we will make for Claxton, so we strongly encourage bringing in waste from home

  • LARGE ORANGE BOXES - are for any plastic writing utensil (markers, mechanical pencils, highlighters pens, etc.), snack bar wrappers with foil inside lining (think Cliff Bar), and wine works (both synthetic and natural)
  • SMALL GREEN BOXES - are for juice BAG containers ONLY. No boxes or cartons.
  • PLASTIC BUCKETS - Household batteries. See below for more details.


And, don't forget, wine corks AND batteries

  • Thanks to Whole Foods, we will be recycling both natural and synthetic wine corks. Just toss 'em in the ORANGE boxes.
  • Thanks to Ace Hardware, we will be recycling all household batteries including alkaline, such as most flashlight batteries; lithium, such as watch and hearing aid batteries; and nickle and cadmium batteries, such as rechargeable batteries used for power tools. These can be placed in the PLASTIC buckets by the green and orange boxes in the recycling areas.

Green Team members with student help will sort, pack and ship the items once school is out for the summer. Help us make our first brigade a success.


Claxton Elementary Green Team

Lucy Dudley, Sophie Ferguson, Laura Morris, Sharolyn Curenton, Tricia Johnson, Kathy Ornato and Molly Peeples