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If I could go back to when I was a freshman I would tell myself to work harder. I would do more work and study a lot more than I did. I would ask teachers more for help. It is also good to try and get a head start on the college search and see what you need to do to get ready for those requirements and those big steps. Always try to talk to people that work at your school if you ever need any help.


This is a little video of how to dress for an interview and it is very important to dress well so they take you serious. Dressing well is very important for the interview because they will determine if you are professional and serious about the job.

Dress for Success: 3 Do's and Don'ts for Workplace Dress Codes
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Career Search.

This is a website that you can go to search the king of career you want to go into. This also helps what you need to get for this career. When looking for a career you want to look at all the requirements for that job and try to meet them. You also want to make sure its something you would enjoy and make good money doing.

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This is a video of your workplace and how to get along with your coworkers. When working you want to make sure you get along well with the people that you are working with because you don't want to have problems with anyone that you work with.

How to Get Along With Co-Workers | FQ101