New England Colonies

By: Logan Smith

Colonies in the New England region

  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Conneticut


In 1620 the Puritans founded Massachusetts. The puritans came because they wanted religious freedom, they thought the church of England was to hierarchical. The religions in Massachusetts are Separatist & Puritan. This is also where the iconic mayflower ship sailed to. Their economy was based mainly on shipbuilding and fishing, but they also earned money by mixed farming. This colonies form of government is a royal province under charter.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire was found in 1623 by Captain John Mason. They were a royal colony who's economy was based on wheat and mixed farming. The religion the people practiced in New Hampshire was puritan.

Rhode Island

In 1636 Roger Williams founded Rhode Island, after he got kicked out of Massachusetts because of this religious and political view. Because of this Rhode Island had no established religion. They were a corporate colony who based their economy off of mixed farming. The exported fish, ships, timber, fur and livestock. It is also referred to as "red island" because of the red clay that lined the shore.


Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut in 1635. Thomas Hooker was a prominent Puritan minister. The prominent religion in Connecticut was puritan. They had a corporate form of government in this colony. The economy was based off of mixed farming. Farming was difficult because of the poor soil but they were able to plant corn, pumpkin, rye, squash, and beans.