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Background Info.

Similar to k-pop and c-pop, j-pop stands for Japanese pop. It dates back at mid 1960 to early 1970's. Some of the genres that come under J-pop are pop, rock, dance, rap and soul.

Early 60's - 70's

Influenced by American music, Japanese artists tired to merge traditional Japanese pop music wit rock-and-roll.Some were came out successful, Sakamoto Kyu with the song "Ue wo Muite Aruko" (Lets look up and wlak) . Other artists decided to translate popular American songs and play the musc.

80's - 90's

City Pop described a type of popular music with a city theme. Toyko was mostly inspired by this form of music. Waise Pop (Japan-made music) became quickly known to describe City pop and New music. Early 1990's, J-pop became the common name used to describe most popular songs.

Early 2000's - Present

The influenes of R&B and Hip Hop in Japanese music are more common than ever. HKT48 taken first place from Tohoshinki and AAA third. The top 5 are usually male bands and solo male artists but female singers are continuing to grow into the charts.

Popular Bands

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