No Drugs Better Future :)


Side Effects For Men

:Testicles may shrink

:Also will grow breast

Side Effects For Women

:Women will grow facial hair

:Or chest hair

:Voice deepens

Both Side Affects

: Excessive acne

:Mood swings


:Roid rage

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There are lots of inhalants that will enter in your body and kill you. even your house hold product can kill you if you inhale it. Some example are cleaning supplies, glue, gasoline, and cooking spray. ETC. There are side effects also. Although when used for their intended purpose, they are not a dangers to your health. Side Effects:slurred speech:Dizziness:nausea/vomiting:loss of consciousness brain damage


Narcotics in other word heroin are very dangerous drug. But,there are narcotic that can help like what doctors prescription. Although there are good narcotic the bad illegal have a few effects to them. They effect are highly additive, feeling of a rush, drowsiness, can lead to blood clots, and organ failure and numerous diseases.

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Ecsyacy can also be highly dangerous. There are three side and they are clenching your teeth, grinding your teeth, and high body temperature. These are some pictures of people who are making the wrong choses to do ecstacy.
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Ghb is a liquid that they but in any drink that can be found. Then if any person who decided to drink any type of liquid the has any ghb in it will be in a huge predicament. the side effect are basically you would just pass out. Plus you will have memory what so ever. So in my opinion bring your own drink, to be very cautions cover your hand over your drink, and if you put your drink on a table and a person gets to it and put ghb in it make sure you take your drink with you wherever you do.
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