Mrs. Clark's First Grade Class

A look into our week


In Math this week, we introduced the vocabulary words "addition", "addend", and "sum". See if your child remembers each of those words and what they mean! Our stations focused on lots of adding practice. A fun and easy addition fact practice game can be done at home. Remember the old card game "War"? We played ADDITION war in our math stations. Students turn over 2 cards, add them to find the sum, and the larger sum wins the cards. They love this game and I hope they'll show you how to play at home.


We continue to build stamina in our Reading Workshop time. Remember, practice is the BEST way to develop reading and writing skills. This week, our students were able to stay actively engaged in their own reading material for 12 minutes. That's a lot of progress from our 3 minute start!

In Writer's Workshop, we created a chart titled "What Do Writers Do?" In our classroom, writers make a plan, stay focused, write EVERY SOUND THEY HEAR, and use correct sentence structures (capital letters to start, spaces between words, and an ending mark "so the words don't fall off the page"). Ask your child about our sentence parade. In Writer's Workshop we do not focus on the correct spelling of words UNLESS it's a word already on our word wall OR a word we've had on a spelling test. Speaking of Spelling...

Spelling lists and homework will go home TODAY (Friday). Our spelling test will be on Friday, so please practice at home. Homework is due on Friday.


We just started a Science unit on the body. So far, we've learned about the brain, heart, lungs, and liver. Next week, we will talk about the digestive system and skeletal system plus how to stay healthy!

To integrate our science into our reading time, we also learned a poem (that happened to have 2 of this week's word wall words--"with" and "my") about our bodies. Students learned the poem, circled the word wall words, underlined the punctuation marks, and illustrated it. I've included a video of our class reciting the poem!

Don't forget...

Boosterthon is in FULL OPERATION MODE! We even have classroom incentives to meet pledge goals. The kids are loving the character lessons and so am I. Thanks for supporting our school in whatever way you can. This week's lesson focused on being a TEAM, and being respectful to others. What a great way to boost social/emotional development while raising funds for our school.

The actual run will be held on Friday, September 20 at 9:30. Parents are WELCOME to attend! If the kick off pep rally is anything like the run, it will be highly entertaining. Students will be wearing our Rock Prairie shirts, which I will distribute on Friday morning. Please make sure your child has on tennis shoes.