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January 15, 2020

Upcoming Events

Jan. 20: No School, Student Holiday

Jan. 23: PIzzingo, 6pm

Jan. 27: Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night, Stacy Road

Jan. 28: STAAR Simulation, 4th Writing/5th Math, closed campus

Jan. 29: STAAR Simulation, 5th Math, closed campus

Jan. 30: Third Grade Musical, 6 pm

Feb. 4: PTA meeting, 7 pm

Feb. 6: Spirit Night at Play Live Nation, 6-9 pm

Please see articles below with more details!

For a complete calendar of PTA events, please visit:

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College & Career Week: 1/21 - 1/24

The week of January 21 – 24 is Generation Texas: College and Career Week at Vaughan Elementary. During that week, students will be thinking, talking, writing and drawing about their future plans and how they will work toward creating the future they want.

Our focus will be on college and career readiness, so there will be classroom activities and all-school themed days that week. Vaughan Vikings’ futures are bright!

Tuesday, 1/21- Students can wear sweats for Don't Sweat the Future Day!

Wednesday, 1/22 - Students can dress for their future career with clothes or a hat that show that career for Three Cheers for Careers Day!

Thursday, 1/23 - Students can wear a college jersey or t-shirt for This College and Career Suits Me To a “T” Day!

Friday, 1/24 – Students can wear a Vaughan or AHS t-shirt for Your Future Starts Here Day!

AISD Gifted & Talented Meeting: 1/22

This year’s gifted/talented informational meeting is on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 6:30 pm in the Lowery Freshman Center auditorium. Meeting attendance is open, so there is no need to register.

Registration for Phase I Testing for students currently in 1st ‐ 11th grade opens up January 23, 2020 and closes February 13, 2020. Phase I Testing takes place on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

For more information, please visit

Show a Little L❤VE!!! Feb 10-14

Please show some support to the Kirby Family by participating in AISD LOVE Week.

See details on the flyer belowfor this worthy cause!

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Allen Eagle Run: Feb 29

The 12th Annual Allen Eagle Run will be held on Saturday, February 29th at Eagle Stadium. Hosted by the Foundation For Allen Schools and the Allen Council of PTA's, the event will feature a one mile Fun Run, a certified 5K Run and a sleep-in option.

Details about registration, fees and deadlines or information about becoming a sponsor are available here. Price is $25 per runner when you register by February 7th. Our campus goal is 100 registrants!

Proceeds from the Allen Eagle Run directly benefit Allen teachers and students through scholarships, teacher tuition reimbursements and classroom grants. Many of our Vaughan teachers have been beneficiaries of these grants which in turn benefits our students.

Thank you for your support!

Congratulations Vaughan Students!

Vaughan has been busy with UIL, the Science Fair and the Spelling Bee! Check below for student participation results.

In addition, Siddharth Kulkarni was selected to move on to the State PTA Reflections competition and Cara Kless was selected for AISD's all-district honors choir!

Way to go Vikings!

Vaughan Science Fair

Thank you to all the students who participated in this year's science fair. There were so many terrific and creative projects.

The following Grand Prize Winners will represent Vaughan at the Regional Science Fair:

  • 1st - 3rd Grand Prize Winner: Juliana Surprise - Sherlock “Homes” Household Detective
  • 4th - 5th Grand Prize Winner: Lainey Kim - The Breaking Point
  • 6th Grand Prize Winner: Ramiz Nackvi - Electrolyte Champ

Also, please recognize these following students for their outstanding work:

1st Grade

2nd Place - Myrna Sims - Sprouting Seeds

1st Place - Haven Young - Wind vs. Weather

2nd Grade

3rd Place - Varnika Sharma - Biodegradable or Not?

2nd Place - Mia Shaikh and Sam Stone - Power of the Produce

1st Place - Juliana Surprise - Sherlock “Homes” Household Detective

3rd Grade

2nd Place - Aiza Nackvi - Light ‘Em Up

1st Place - Anwesha Kulkarni - To Dissolve or Not to Dissolve?

1st -3rd Judges Special Choice Award

Juliana Surprise - Sherlock “Homes” Household Detective

4th Grade

3rd Place - Surabhi Gupta - Shadows

2nd Place - Nirmik Modi - Parachute Drop

1st Place - Mihika Bhat - Chip Away

5th Grade

3rd Place - Olivia Covarrubias - Which Tape is the Stickiest

2nd Place - TIE Paul Nguyen - Slip It and Sabrina Saki Curry - Ultimate Ultraviolet Protection

1st Place - Lainey Kim - The Breaking Point

4th - 5th Judges Special Choice Award

Chloe Soong - Sneaky Beet

Mihika Bhat - Chip Away

Jenna Li - Wheat Love Food!

Carson Zuther - Finding the Best Battery

6th Grade

1st Place - Ramiz Nackvi - Electrolyte Champ

Spelling Bee Results

Results for the 4th - 6th grade competition:

1st Place - Ramiz Nackvi - 6th Grade/Mrs. Galyon's class

2nd Place - Ayaan Roy - 5th Grade/Mrs. Dreher's class

3rd Place - Aanya Chawla - 4th Grade/Mrs. Lambert's class

The 4th - 6th grade bee went 16 rounds. The winning word was 'volatile'.

Results for the 1st - 3rd grade competition:

1st Place - Advait Ramachandran - 2nd Grade/Mrs. Monsen's Class

2nd Place - Anwesha Kulkarni - 3rd Grade - Mrs. Wilkinson's Class

3rd Place - Ethan Ye - 3rd Grade/Mrs. Relle's Class

The 1st - 3rd grade Bee went 44 rounds! The winning word was 'union'.

Ramiz Nackvi will be representing Vaughan at the district Spelling Bee. Congratulations to all our Spelling Bee winners and participants!

UIL Competition Winners

3rd Grade Ready Writing

Kaylee Zhao -1st Place

5th Grade Ready Writing

Sophia Lagos - 2nd Place

Trinity Tandon - 5th Place

6th Grade Ready Writing

Nithya Prabhala - 5th Place

2nd Grade Storytelling

Harper Vencill - 1st Place

4th Grade Number Sense

Aryan Padarthi - 1st Place

Anthony Kim - 3rd Place

Raghav Srinivasan - 4th Place

Music Memory

**Noah Lin - Perfect Score

Oral Reading

Grace Hughes - 3rd Place

Eden Ganze - 4th Place

3rd Grade Spelling

Ayat Rahman - 6th Place

4th Grade Spelling

Arnesh Jayaram - 5th Place

5th Grade Spelling

Ethan Wei - 1st Place

Anushka Mande - 6th Place

4th Grade Art Team - 1st Place

Katya Soogoor

Melina Bleris

Weston Dreher

Tam Luu

Limei Zeng

6th Grade Art Team - 5th Place

Andrew Endres

Sammie Pham

Sophia Li

Ruofei Li (5th grade)

**Bella Jeong (5th grade)

**Perfect Score

Congratulations to all students who participated!


Absence notifications to the school and excuse notes can now be entered via Family Access in lieu of calling the school and/or sending a handwritten note!

Please report your students' absence to Stacy Spears by 10:00 am using one of the following methods:

  • Family Access - best method! It notifies the school AND provides the excuse note!

(This feature cannot be used in lieu of a medical note to excuse students who leave school for a medical appointment or come in late from a medical appointment.)

  • Email (follow up with a handwritten note, a medical note or enter the "absence request" into Family Access)

  • Call 972-236- 0948 (follow up with handwritten note, medical note or enter into Family Access)

In addition, those who will be traveling or gone for more than three consecutive school days will need to contact Stacy Spears before the dates of the absences.

All notes must be received within 3 school days of the absence to be considered excused.

Late Arrival & Safety Reminders

The tardy bell rings at 7:45 am and all outside doors automatically lock at this time. Students who have not made it into the building before the doors lock must enter through the front door to get a pass to class.

Cars dropping off at the front of the school will be able to turn RIGHT ONLY during the peak drop off and pick up times to help with traffic congestion. In addition, please be mindful that parking on the wrong side of the road may result in a ticket.

Making a U-turn in the middle of the road is a huge safety concern as well. If you are dropping students off at the front of the school, please pull through the car line and drop them off at the curb in front of the school.

Students may enter the building at 7:25 am. All students needing breakfast should arrive no later than 7:40 am.

Thank you for helping us, and your students, start the day off on a positive note!


These awards are given out to our teachers, staff, and parent volunteers that give their time and effort to support our schools. If there is a staff member or parent who you would like to nominate, you can CLICK HERE and login to your toolkit account to submit. Thank you!

Melissa Dreher

Melissa is a terrific teacher at Vaughan. She coordinates our 5th grade Sky Ranch trip, which is always a highlight for our students. Additionally, she is coordinating UIL this year. Melissa is a team player who always has a positive attitude and goes above and beyond for Vaughan. Thank you, Melissa!

Alison Smithwick

Alison is our wonderful librarian at Vaughan. In addition to keeping the library in tip-top shape, she has taken on coordinating UIL. She has done a great job integrating maker space themes with stories for the classes, she always has a great book recommendation for our students, and is she has brought lots of new ideas to our library. Thank you, Alison!

Josh & Renee Uberta

Josh & Renee Uberta have done a wonderful job supporting our staff this year. Each month they plan a wonderful treat for the Vaughan staff. The annual cookie exchange in December is one of Vaughan's favorites and they made it very festive and fun. Thank you to Josh and Renee for spoiling our staff!

Nera Van Ark

Nera did an amazing job on Vaughan’s 20th annual Veterans Day celebration. Her attention to detail and passion for our school were evident. She did a great job organizing and overseeing all of the aspects of this event. She was able to include numerous groups on campus, so everyone felt a part of this very special day. Thank you, Nera, for such a reverent and patriotic event!

January Vaughan & AISD Staff VIP's!

Eric Frichette

Mr. Frichette is a team player and is always willing to help students and teachers at school. He is always smiling and sets high expectations for his students. Mr. Frichette is great at building relationships and working to find solutions to meet his students needs. He is a huge support on our campus, and we are so thankful to have him here at Vaughan. Thank you, Mr. Frichette!

Shawn Glover

In addition to being a great PE teacher, Coach Glover has been a huge help with discipline this year. He is encouraging to students and staff, and his upbeat attitude is contagious to those around him! Mr. Glover goes above and beyond his line of duty to help change behavior. We are blessed to have his support, guidance, and expertise here at Vaughan! Thank you, Coach "G"!

Gwynn Loftin

Congratulations to Gwynn Loftin who has been named AISD District Employee of the Month! We are so proud of her! Mrs. Loftin's professionalism and positive attitude shine through in all that she does. We are so appreciative of her support for our staff and our students! You are a rock star, Mrs. Loftin! Awesome job!

PTA Nominating Committee - Volunteers Needed

PTA will be appointing the Nominating Committee at our February membership meeting on February 4. We need volunteers to serve on the committee. The committee is responsible for getting the word out about PTA and presenting a slate of candidates to be elected by the Vaughan PTA Membership. If you are interested in learning more about this committee, please email PTA President, Christine Kless.

Please note, you may not serve on the committee two consecutive years.

Library Volunteers Needed

Our librarian could use some weekly help with shelving books and special projects! If you are interested in helping, please click here. Thank you for your consideration!

Birthday Book Club

The Birthday Book Club is promoted by the Vaughan Library to honor students during his/her birthday month. With a $20 donation to the library, a book is purchased that becomes part of the permanent library collection. The book will include a bookplate featuring the student's name, picture, and current school year inside the front cover. By participating in the Birthday Book Club program, you are helping our library grow and honoring your child at the same time!

To join the Birthday Book Club, please pay $20 on School Pay and complete this form or complete the form and send a check (payable to Vaughan) or cash to the Library.

Does your student have a summer birthday? Consider honoring your child on their "half-birthday!"

Student members of the Birthday Book Club will have the following opportunities

  1. Choose a book that will be a permanent part of the Vaughan Library collection.
  2. Have a picture made in the library for the bookplate that will also feature student name and current school year.
  3. Appear on morning announcements to share the book that has been chosen.
  4. Have an extended lending time with the BBC book as a bonus on top of total allowable checkouts.

Please contact Mrs. Smithwick if you have any questions!

Helping AISD Students Thrive

With feedback from campus counselors and nurses, AISD Council PTA has compiled a list of items that are needed at many of our AISD campuses.

Please consider donating and supporting students throughout AISD. These donations will be distributed to the campuses in the district that are in need.

Save a trip to the store and donate by ordering the district approved items via the Amazon wish lists below:

Thank you for helping students in Allen!

Volunteer Opportunities

PTA has a few current volunteer needs. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Please click the link to sign up for a shift that works for you. Thank you for your help!

  • Popcorn Club distribution, monthly dates available. CLICK HERE
  • Weekly Wednesday folder flyer sorting. CLICK HERE

Easy Ways to Support Vaughan PTA

With the help of Amazon, Kroger and Box Tops, there are easy ways you can help support Vaughan PTA with your every day shopping!

Amazon Smile

Shop the same great prices, selection and convenience you are used to with Amazon!

Click here for more info and to link your account.

Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger gives back on most purchases. For more info on how to link your shopper's reward card, click here.

Box Tops

Box Tops are a great way to earn funds for our school! They are phasing out the clipping and moving to solely scanning your receipts. Click here for more info.

Watch D.O.G.S. Sign Up

Watch D.O.G.S. will be opening up for volunteers to select a second date if you wish. Thank you to all who have volunteered for this program. All sign ups are done on our PTA website.

CLICK HERE for more information about the program to access the online calendar.

Vaughan Spirit Shirts

Click here for an order form. These make great stocking stuffers!

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