Norke News

By: Colin Norkevicius

Description of Me

I am Colin Norkevicius. I am brand new to the Sandwich School System. I was born on November 25, 2002. The school I went to before the STEM Academy was ST. Margaret's in Buzzards Bay. The three sports that I love to play are Baseball, Hockey, and Golf. My favorite two colors are blue and red. My favorite food is a really good cooked steak.

Family Members

Mom - Nicole

My mom is a family law attorney. He is also the president of the Bourne Braves. She is in charge of the fundraising, concessions, and souvenirs. We also host player for the Braves every year. She is a big part of my life.

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The Classes I Have in STEM Right Now


During term two, I am currently taking Spanish, Math, Science, and Gym on blue day. On white day, I am taking English, History, Art, and News To Me. I had Broadcasting, Engineering, and Health in term one.

I Love to Play Sports

I like playing a lot of sports. My three favorite sports are baseball, hockey, and golf. I play baseball for the Dugout Dawgs out Hyannis which is in the NEBA (New England Baseball Association). I went to Cooperstown this summer with my team. My team went 4-5 and I hit one homerun. I got the ball engraved. I play hockey for the Bantam A Canal Sharks team. As for golf, my friends and I play after baseball practices and games in Barnstable. I hope to try out for the high school golf team next fall.

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