The Intolerable Acts

By: Christopher Le and Nick Strauss

Opening Statement

In response to the Boston Tea party, the British implemented the Coercive acts and Quebec act, which together showed how the British were trying to restrain and control the colonies and became known as the Intolerable acts.

Causes of the Intolerable Acts

Tensions between the British and the Americans were already apparent by the time the Intolerable acts were made. In fact, the Intolerable acts were a semi direct response to the Boston Tea party, a rebellious act against taxes and british control. British control is the theme that Patriots back then were exactly against. Such tension from previous conflicts serves as causes for the intolerable acts.

Characteristics of The Intolerable Acts

  • The Intolerable Acts were two separate acts, known as the Coercive acts and the Quebec act.
  • Coercive acts: four separate acts
  • Boston port act: Boston ports were closed until the East India Company was repaid for the damage done by the Boston Tea Party and the king felt that order was restored in the area.
  • Massachusetts Government Act: Most positions in government were appointed by king or governor. Town meetings were also very limited to one per year.
  • Administration of Justice act: Allowed governor to move trials of accused royal officials to more biased areas such as great britain.
  • Quartering Act: Allowed soldiers to stay in homes of citizens.
  • Quebec Act: Shifted government policy and borders to favor Britain and remove influence from france.

The significance of The Intolerable Acts

The Intolerable acts sent a message throughout the colonies that what happened in Massachusetts (Boston Tea Party) will not happen again. The Intolerable acts was the last straw, and so the Colonists held the first Continental Congress in Philadelphia on September 5, 1774. The Intolerable acts was very important and without it America might not exist today.

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The Intolerable acts were meant to restrain and control the colonists but in turn it made the colonists angrier and made them want independence. The Intolerable acts was one of the many actions that the British made that helped influence the American Revolution.