Fires are getting wild!!

Natural Disaster Type

Wildfires are natural disasters that part of forests and grasslands. Cities and Towns can lucky because some wildfires can burn out before getting to them.


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What cause a wildfire?

Wildfires can be caused when the weather is hot and dry and if grasses and bushes catch on fire, it would be called a brush fire. Also, some wildfires can be caused cigarettes, sparks from machines, and fireworks which you should be careful. Some fires can spread on different trees which is called a clown fires.

Where can Wildfires occur?

Wildfires can happen everywhere but in mostly in common, they happen in forested areas of The United States and Canada. Also, they can happen at huge land of grass, twigs, and leaves.

How can people prepare for Wildfires?

People can prepare for wildfires when they see a huge inferno in the sky. People have to stay away from forests because their house can be burnt down.

Inside The Fire
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