Going to Florida in tampa

Going to the Alligator park

In the alligator park there is lots of alligators in the park.Like there's nest of alligators but you also get to go on a air boat ride which its a slow air boat ride not fast at all top speed like 4 miles in hour. you also get to eat alligator.
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Going on Down to Beach

well down in Tampa there's lots of beaches.The beaches are very warm and theirs some of them that have a restaurant of the beach which is awesome.Also you can get lots of sea shells there.
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Having Drums at Sunset

They do the drums every Saturday at sunset.Which i don't now why they do it.But it's pretty fun.You can go dance in a big circle little kids running in the circle.And girls with with they's jewels in the middle of the circle dancing.
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Go Carts

In Florida theirs go carts every where which you might say what because theirs lots of old people there.Also the tracks are cool and they got fast carts to some might be slow but others are fun and fast.
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