Stivers' Scoop

The Pursuit of Perfection Edition 3/15/2015

March Madness is Here!

It's March 15th and the University of Kentucky just wrapped up a perfect regular season of college basketball and minutes ago secured the SEC Conference Championship title. Life is good in the BBN! After all, UK is the epitome of perfection, right? I would argue that UK is not the epitome of perfection. In fact, I would argue that my beloved Wildcats are flawed. Yeah, you heard me.

No one is perfect. Not even UK. Yes, their record is now 34-0...with an emphasis on 0. I really like that 0. But they are flawed and they have failed. Think about it. Did other teams score against them in any of those 34 games? Yes. Has UK come insanely close to walking away with a loss this season? YES. In fact, how many overtimes did we have this season? I lost count. How about this? Have the wildcats ever failed in beating a press this season? Yup. Overturned a ball? Received a technical? Shot and missed? Run a play incorrectly? How about missed a foul shot? The answer to all of the above is yes. Therefore, UK is not a perfect team. In fact, they are perfectly flawed and I would argue my boys in blue exemplify failing forward. When they blow a play, when they get beat up the floor, when the other team gets ahead, UK fails forward. Alongside their fearless coach John Calipari and his talented coaching staff, the team immediately identifies the error and then values their mistakes in order to grow in their understanding of the game. So, no. In no way is UK perfect but they are exemplary in their pursuit of learning from their mistakes.

Now, let's bring it home. West is not perfect. I don't think anyone would argue with that. What folks can't argue with is our 4 year trend growth in student achievement data. Of that you should be proud. I know I am because that means good things are happening for kids. But I wonder if we are a truly failing forward staff. Does everyone feel safe enough to take risks? I would like to say yes but evidence indicates otherwise. Does every Warrior see value in risk-taking and growing through failing forward? Or are we complacent? This depends upon who you ask and what you see happening in the classroom. If we aren't willing to fail forward how in the world will we ever get students to embrace it? I believe we must be transparent with our students and model this invaluable life lesson. Please hear this, Warriors. Be transparent! Fail forward! Blow a call! Get beat to the baseline and celebrate it! Use your mistakes, our mistakes to succeed and allow your students to do the same. In this game we call education, we should not pursue perfection. Rather, we should relentlessly pursue the winning outcomes of failing forward.

Where in the World is Mrs. Stivers?

March 16-20: A Slamma-Jamma Packed Week Lies Ahead

Monday-WMS, College & Career Night 6:30-8:00

Tuesday-MLCHS through 11:00 am. WMS. Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-7

Wednesday-Central Office for Leading and Learning-all day

Thursday-WMS, Soccer Game at 5:45 @ MLCHS

Friday-WMS. Project Proficiency.