Gay-Lussac's Law

By: Myles Paschall, Marco Navarro and Mason McConnell

The Law

A gas law stating that the volume of a gas has a direct relationship with temperature when pressure is held constant. If volume increases, then temperature increases, and vice versa, when pressure is constant.

Formula- V1/T1 = V2/T2

Real Life Example

A mass is placed on top of the piston which causes a pressure on the gas. This mass is constant which means that the pressure on the gas is constant. The gas volume is measured as the temperature is increased

Initial volume and temperature of the gas is 0.5L, 273K.

temperature is increased to 353 K

What is new volume of gas?

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Example #3: 7.00 L of a gas is collected at 150 K and then allowed to expand to 70.0 L.

What is the new temperature in order to maintain the same pressure?

Here again we use Charles' Law. 7/150=70/T

Answer: 1500K