Fast Sam, Cool Clyde and Stuff

Book Summaries

Scene Summary

The scene is at Sam's house where they learn that carnation charley was on drugs. He has nearly overdosed and is in bad shape. When Sam's dad steps in, carnation charley admits that he uses drugs. As he gets better everyone asks him questions but he won't answer them. All he does is walk home.

Entire Book Summary

When a kid named Francis moves into the neighborhood, he meets kids from other apartments named Fast Sam and Clyde. At first, they don't like him so they ask him if he can stuff (jump over the net and shove the ball in the hoop) and he lies and he could. As they think he can, they nickname him Stuff. When they see he cant stuff the ball, they still become friends. Stuff meets new people and by the end of the summer, they all move away but still remember him.