Top skills for sucess


1. Attendnce

To be successful you have to show up before you can do anything else.
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2. Do The Work

If you dont work hard and put in the work you wont get good grades and be successful.

3.Good Study Habits

Good study habits are extremely important in the road to success in school, it helps improve test scores and over all grades in classes.
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4. Come To School Energized

Showing up to schoool well rested is one of the bases of success, sufficient sleep allows ther brain to function at full capacity which helps you complete various tasks during schoool.
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5. Come to School Prepared

Bring the stuff you need to your classes, this stuff includes items such as pencils, textbooks, ect. This allows you to complete your work and stay organized.
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6. Use Your Time Efficiently

Use your time effectively, use the time given to you by your teachers to complete your homework or studying so you can achieve your goals of high grades.

7. Be Committed To What You Do

Commit your self to school, set high goals for yourself so you can become better. If you stay committed you will reach your goals and achieve things you never knew you could do.

8. Eat Healthy

Get the proper nutrition through eating the right foods, by doing this you will get healthier and have more energy for school.
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9. Respect Your Instructors

By showing yopur instructors respect they will show respect to you making the class that much easier. Also they will like you because of this which will make the class even easier.
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10. Dont Over Stress Your Self

If you over stress and over think things it will only make the class harder, just stay cool and complete your work and youll be fine.