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Week 4 - Term 4 (Thursday 7 November 2019)

Dear Parents and members of our school community

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All Saints Day & All Souls Day

In November each year, we focus on the great communion of saints. On All Saints Day, 1st November, we acknowledge the saints we know as part of our Catholic tradition and on All Souls Day, 2nd November, we remember those who have died: friends, colleagues, relatives and others.

Many of these people were never famous. Their statues are not in churches, but their pictures are in our homes and their stories alive in our community, and in us. We know of their goodness and their struggles. We now pray for them, and remember them with love, celebrating in faith their journey to God and now within the great communion of saints. In all our churches in November, you are asked to write down the names of your “beloved dead” and the priest will particularly remember them during the Mass.

A message from Steve Ross

On behalf of Angela, Zarli, Marissa and our families, I would like to extend a special thanks to the administration, staff, students and especially the parents of the St Jerome’s Community for all the love, prayers and support you have given us over the past 2 years. Sophia took a lot of comfort from knowing that no matter the outcome we had an amazing amount of support. God bless you all. Steve Ross

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New Toys for the Year 1 Sand Pit

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Today is Outdoor Classroom Day and right across Australia, students & teachers were encouraged to take their lessons outside. At St Jerome’s, we are blessed with spacious grounds so that our lucky students are given ample opportunity to exercise before school and at recess & lunch breaks.

We are particularly proud of the inviting natural areas in our 3 & 4 Year old KIndys, Pre Primary and Year 1. We have just purchased new sand play toys for year 1 and our future builders and engineers are hard at work constructing castles, moats, hills and rivers. I often see our students in all classes doing their work outside in the fresh air. The School Board is investigating doing work similar to that recently completed in Pre Primary so that the Year 1 & 2 classrooms have better access to the outside. With our glorious Perth weather, we want to take every opportunity to encourage children to work and learn outside not just on this special day.

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Places still available. Enrol now!

Annual School Community Meeting and School Board Nominations 2020

A reminder that our ANNUAL SCHOOL COMMUNITY MEETING will be held in the Parish Hall on Wednesday 27 November at 7.00pm. This is a shared meeting between the School Board and the Catholic Schools Parents WA (formerly the P&F Association). The purposes of the meeting are to report to the parent body on the activities of the Board and the CSPWA during the current year, to outline plans for the future and to conduct elections to each body for the following year. The School Board will also present its draft budget for 2020.

Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the evening.

We would certainly like to see you at this meeting and we also encourage you to nominate for a position on either the Board or the CSPWA. Involvement with the School Board or CSPWA is very rewarding and gives the opportunity to be closely associated with the School. Below are the relevant Nomination Forms. You are free to nominate yourself or some other person; however if you nominate another person you must obtain that person’s signature on the nomination form.

We look forward to having you attend the meeting and hope you will see your way clear to nominate for election on the enclosed Nomination Form. Nomination forms should be returned to the School by Friday 15 November.

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Helen O'Toole


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Grandparents Day - Friday 15 November

St Jerome’s is holding a Grandparent’s morning on Friday 15th November from 9:00am -11:15am. Grandparents are welcome to visit classrooms from 9:00 – 10:30am and join in the activities organized there. A morning tea will be provided by the school from 10:30-11:15am in the grounds or the Undercover Area by the canteen. Tea and coffee stations will be set up in the Undercover Area, the Circus Tent and on the oval side of the library. The school bell will signal the end of the morning session when the children will say their goodbyes to their grandparents and return to their classes.

Grandparents wishing to take their PrePrimary or Kindy grandchildren into these areas for morning tea will need to sign them out with their class teacher and then return them to their teacher, ensuring they sign them back into their class at the end of recess.

Children are asked to bring along their own recess food and join their grandparents for a picnic on the oval, Undercover Area or the Circus Tent. There will be a few picnic tables and chairs on the oval area but we do advise grandparents to bring along a picnic rug if they intend to picnic on the grass. There will also be tables and chairs set up in the Undercover Area.

To enable us to adequately cater for everyone, please could you indicate below how many of your child’s grandparents will be attending and return the slip to school via your eldest child’s class by Monday 11th November.

Many thanks

Carol Hoare


Family Surname: …………………………. Children’s names and classes ………………………….....


There will be ……………………..grandparents attending Grandparents Day on Friday 15th November.

Plastic Bread Tags Collection

Wheelchairs for South Africa - Collection of Plastic Bread Tags

We are also excited to announce that we can collect and help recycle plastic bread tags now too. There is a separate collection box in the front office. These tags will be used to provide wheelchairs for people in need in South Africa. The tags are given to the charity Bread Tags for Wheelchairs and then sold to people set up to recycle them and the funds are used to purchase wheelchairs. The recyclers are turning the tags into seedling trays, door knobs and looking into making floor tiles and coasters. That's more plastic not going into rubbish dumps!

Thank you!

Kapture Photography Photos

Dear Parents

We have been advised by Kapture Photography that all sports and/or special team photos taken this year including Communion & Confirmation photos will be removed from their website at the end of this term in readiness for next year’s photography. This is your last chance to view and purchase these photographs. Please visit and access the gallery using our school code; Online School Code: HCNWVV

This code can also be used to purchase class or individual photographs should you have missed out earlier in the year.

Interschool Spelling Bee Report

Last Thursday the 31st October, the following students competed in the “South of the River Spelling Bee” after winning their way to the Inter School Team:

Year 6: Vrindha Y, Monika T, Ella W

Year 5: Roman M, Rhyda M, Mitchell B

Year 4: Suyay D, Nadia R, Xavier G

The Year Six children took nearly two hours to find the top 3 spellers, which was a mammoth effort. Our children did a wonderful job representing St Jerome’s. A very big congratulations to Nadia R for achieving 3rd place!

Mrs Natalie Paatsch

Extension Teacher

Interschool Athletics Carnival

This week we saw a group of our students compete in day 1 and day 2 of the CPSSA Inter School Athletics Carnival at Santich Park.

Monday November 4 was the allocated jumps and throws day. We had some good results for the day starting with placings in most of the 400 races. Many of us came home with various ribbons from our events. Our aided events were also held on this day and from all reports everyone had a wonderful day.

With an early update on Tuesday morning it was clear that we were sitting in third place to begin day two. This was very exciting news for us. The enthusiasm became contagious causing the children to be even more eager to start their events.

We ran well all morning in our sprints. Our year five boys took out first place in each division of the 100m sprints. Awesome effort boys! Our relays also showed improvement from last year. We spent some extra time this year really discussing the importance of the baton change and this seemed to pay off for us as for the most part our changes were all successful.

Then came leader ball. We also had trained and discussed how to make the most out of this event. Each team did a fantastic job and it was unfortunate that two teams were disqualified. To our credit the students held their heads high and continued to try their best even though they had just suffered the leader ball disappointment, which I will also add was through no real fault of their own and they should all feel proud of how they played.

We knew we had to give it all we had in the last of the relays. This is another event that we had discussed and practised to try and make the most of gaining as much metreage as we could during our running changes.

In the end St Jerome’s finished in THIRD place. This is an outstanding result and we are all super excited about this. There was only 5 points difference between us and Star of the Sea who came in second.

Our medal winners included:

Year 4

Bronze – Olivia H

Gold – Noah M

Year 5

Bronze – Meisha W

Bronze- Humaro K

Year 6

Bronze – Josh O

Well done to all of our competitors, you competed at your best and all of you should feel proud of the part you played in helping us achieve the result that we did. There is no “I” in the word TEAM and you all demonstrated this clearly over both carnival days.

Thank you to Mrs Alp and Mr McClorey for your help in the bays over the two days. Thank you also to all our spectators and anyone that assisted with measuring; your support and time is greatly appreciated.

Mel Crosby

PE Teacher

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Australian Girls Choir Open Day

Look no further than the Australian Girls Choir (AGC) because we encourage, challenge and inspire girls as they learn to sing, dance and perform. School aged girls are invited to come along to our Open Day on Sunday November 3 to try our fun and inclusive classes and learn more about being part of the AGC! Please contact us if you would like to attend the Open Day. PH 1800 338 142 or email

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Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend to be held in the Bateman Parish March 2020

Your marriage is too important not to invest in! Apply to be on the first Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend for 2020. Numbers are limited, so don’t miss out. Please apply early.

When is it? 28/29 March 2020 (Saturday and Sunday only) – you go home to sleep Saturday night. Where? Yidarra Catholic Primary School, Bateman.

To apply contact Brendon and Valerie, Tel. 0424 220 625, Email:


Note: Cathed allows time on the Weekend to be credited as six hours of ongoing renewal for Catholic school teaching staff.

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Come and Try Kayaking for 8 years and over - Presented by Champion Lakes Boating Club

Venue: Champion Lakes Regatta Centre

Henley Drive, Champion Lakes

Dates: Saturday 16 November 2019

Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Cost: $10

Pre requisite: Must have basic swimming skills (Stage 5 or equivalent)

All gear provided (boat, paddle pfd)

Bookings on EVENTBRITE

( )


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