New Government; New Problems

Archives War

Written by: Aiza Khan

Mexico Invades San Antonio!

A Mexican army, under General Rafael Vasquez, entered San Antonio and demanded Texans to surrender. They were not prepared and resisted. The Mexicans began to launch raids into Texas. Many Texans began to worry when they heard that the Mexicans invaded.
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Picture of the Mexican army invading army

In spring, of March 1842, a division of the Mexican army under Gen. Rafael Vasquez appeared at San Antonio demanding the surrender of the town.

Matters get even more Intense!!!

The war continues...

The attacks began to approach quickly, so President Sam Houston ordered the archives to be withdrawn from the capital. The Texans opposed this statement, afraid the capital would be moved to Houston. Angelina Eberly led the Texans to fire at officials who were loading documents onto wagons. Eberly became a heroic figure during the battle of Texas Independence.

The Final Chapter

This short conflict, called the Archives war, ended with the documents back in Austin, away from any harm.