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Rock Star

Mrs. King recently used technology to provide an innovative review lesson for her students. She posted questions and used QR Codes for each answer. After students worked their problems, they then took their devices to the codes and scanned their answers. If the answer was incorrect, students were told why the answer was incorrect.
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This week, we will continue to focus on Problem Solving & Thinking. January 4th, we discussed the following descriptors from the TAP rubric:

  • Creating & Designing with Creative Thinking
  • Identifying Relevant & Irrelevant Information with Analytical and Practical Thinking
  • Justification & Drawing Conclusions with analytical and Practical Thinking

Please ensure that you bring evidence of how you intentionally embedded the above Thinking & Problem Solving descriptors in your classroom instruction to our next meeting Tuesday, January 12th during your planning time.

· Evidence of critical thinking and problem solving activity used in your classroom

o No pencil and paper

o No worksheets

o Be original

o Be creative

o An artifact to show how you used the Thinking & Problem Solving activities and discussion we had Monday, January 4th.


Please arrive to PLC with our unpacked standards for the 4th Six Weeks along with your 4th 6 Weeks Instructional Calendar in hand. We will spend this time to discuss instructional strategies and techniques for the week of January 18th - 22nd. PLC is Wednesday, January 13th during your planning time. Please arrive on time with the materials listed above in hand.