India's Information Graph

By:Raven Johnson

(Information Graph)

1.Were is Ancient India located?

Ancient India is located at the bottom of Asia .But the Himalaya mountains are so high it splits Asia and India apart. So it makes India have its own subcontinental. Some thing around India are the Himalaya mountains and Ganges and the Indus rivers.

2. Why did people settle there?
People settled in India because the river valleys those were Ganges river and the Indus river. The river were very good for farming because the river valleys would get flooded by the rain so it just rose higher and higher so and the water left behind rich fertile soil. So then the farmers need that to grow crops to feed there families.Then the farmers started to get so much left over crops that they started to trad and sell the foods and some other stuff. They got a lot more people moving there then the people got so rich that they started building more city's, houses, and towns.

3.What geologic features are present?

some geologic features that are present are mountains and some of those mountains are Himalayas and the Hindu mountain ranges. More features are the rivers like the Ganges, Indus rivers, and the Brahmaputra River, Narmada, Godavari, and the Krishna River and the Monsoons. The Monsoons impact the land because they were really big rain storms. So then the Monsoon storms give the Ganges and Indus river a lot of water. so then the Ganges and the Indus river impacted the humans life by giving them water to use for crops and the river gives then fish and other animals.

4.How did humans impact the land?

The humans impacted the land because of the farmers had to uses the wet lands that the Indus river was giving them to grow crops for there families. People had plentiful supply of food. So they spend time doing other things like making tools-and houses. as people began trade there extra food with others there wealth grew and this allowed them to build larger and larger cities.Thant how the people impacted the land.

5.What national resources are present?

Some national resources that are present are cotton,Diamonds, Elephants, Horses, Pearls, silk, rice, wheat, peas, barley. And a few of those national resources are used for.... Rice, wheat, and peas and barley are crops so they are used for food and if the people have a lot of food then they will sale or trade. Silk was used for clothing. Elephants were used for fighting and scare off enemies.