College Life and Career Life

Jaylan Jones

College Life at Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University is a college I would love to attend. My dad is from Louisiana, also my family members. My dad went to LSU. I want to follow along in his foot steps and go there. I want to be the outcast of the family and not go to University of Texas.


Like any other college, LSU has a very expensive price. Unlike UT, their prices aren't that high. They actually have reasonable prices. They accept everyone in the college as well. There isn't a number limit unlike UT. Every student should be welcome if it's the suitable college for them.


LSU has a great price. I'm considering being a resident of Louisiana before I graduate college. Being a resident in Louisiana is great, because that means a lower price. The price for going to LSU and being a resident of the state is $8,758. Books will have to be include also, so that adds $1,500 to the tuition. I'm looking to have an apartment with the help of my parents, I'm also seeking to live with my grandma. If I have to have an alternate decision it would be to live on campus in a dorm. Housing for the dorm is going to be an added price of 6,120. A meal plan is 4,186, I'm pretty positive I will be capable of purchasing my own food. Taking the housing and meal plan out, I will still need to pay the tuition and books.

University Of North Texas

My god mother goes to this school now. She always comes over and talks about how great it is. If we went how she would love to help us out. My sister is considering applying for that college as of now. I hear they have lots of fun, but also get there work done. It is also very

convenient because it is located in Denton. Also if I go to the high school Eaton, I would be contributed to an Eagle family; I would have an easy switch to UNT because they are also Eagles.

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Price I have to pay

Like any other college it has a price. You have to have a few requirements to be able to apply to this school as well. You have to have a high SAT score. Which mean in high school I would really have to focus to get a high SAT score. Since I'm a resident of Texas, the cost is cheaper. The tuition is 9,078, sometimes its based on the hours I take for each class. The great thing about the price is that the tuition covers the price of books, also meal plan. They accept loans. I'm looking to get many scholarships in high school. They accept most scholarships. However, they don't allow work study or exemptions. To be accepted you have to earn an SAT score of at least 1500 out of 2400 or satisfy ACT benchmarks of 18 in English, 22 in math, 21 in reading and 24 in science. You do have to have a high GPA. To get accepted into this school it does require an essay.
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Baylor University

One of my teacher's from elementary school went to this university. She bragged about it a lot to our class. It seemed as though it was an interesting school to consider. By researching I saw that it seems like a great school.
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This university has a pricy tuition. The tuition does cover books, housing, and meal plan. The university doesn't allow loans, or exemptions. Although, they do have scholarships and work study. An application is required to be accepted into this college. You don't need an SAT score. Your GPA does have to be high. AP courses are allowed.

Career Life

My career is based off the college I decide to go to. I would like to be a social worker. I need to be done with college before beginning the job, because it requires a lot of time out of the day. I want to be the social workers that work with all types of people. You have to be able to work with all types of people. Kids, babies, seniors, adults, etc. I have to have basic leadership skills, and be able to talk to other people. I will have to travel different places, in a certain area, also.The education required is a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Working. Some of the fields of a social worker require a Master’s Degree. This job requires me to do a lot. I have to be able to interview clients, go to different areas to observe your clients, work in child areas, put children in foster homes, lead group counseling, look at clients financial state, address legal issues to clients, etc. The salary is 31,000- 50,000.
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