ELO - Huck Finn

Mrs. Wolff - Fall 2016

Comic Strip / Graphic Novel Project

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Step 1: Choose a Free Online Comic Book / Graphic Novel Generator

EX: Scholastic.com's Graphix Free Comic Generator


Or, use your favorite site, or find another free comic generator site.

toondoo.com is another great site:


Step 2: Choose Your Project Option for Huck Finn

For this project, you may choose to do either of the following in your Huck Finn comic strip:

  1. Summarize the entire novel, Huck Finn, choosing only the most important points within the novel, and explain why they were important, using each scene of the comic strip; or:
  2. Choose (1) important scene from the novel which was of major significance to Huck, and represent why this part of the novel was so important to the overall meaning Twain was trying to convey / author's purpose in writing this novel. For what purpose does Twain use Huck / Jim as characters within this novel?
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Step 3: Requirements - Follow Carefully!

  1. You must include AT LEAST (9)+ meaningful slides/boxes total within your comic book.
  2. You must include scenes of significant value to the overall meaning of the novel within your comic book.
  3. TONE / MOOD: The tone you choose to use may be either serious or funny / witty, depending on the point you are trying to make - and as long as it remains true to the characters' relationships as described in the novel. Choose what you feel most comfortable with, and have fun with it!
  4. Comic strips are creative and detailed.
  5. There is a clear consistency in discussion of the themes of the novel / author's purpose in your 9+ panels.
  6. The landscape, props, and text boxes clearly related to the theme / author's purpose / context discussed within the novel.
  7. The comic strip has been edited for grammar / syntax errors.
  8. The characters are clearly identified, and their actions and dialogue are well-matched to each other.
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Step 4: Analysis of Comic Strip

In addition to creating your comic strip, you must write a (1)-page analysis, describing the reasoning behind your comic strip, and how / why it is an accurate portrayal of Huck's relationship to other characters, events, etc., within this novel.

Always be mindful of author's purpose in creating your comic strip / chosen events.

Your analysis must be in MLA Format, and will contain the following:

  • 1.5+ pages, minimum!
  • Double-spaced
  • 1" margins in top, bottom, right, and left margins
  • 12-point type
  • Times-New Roman font

Step 6: Rubric - Follow Carefully As You Complete This Assignment!

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