• hydropower is fueled by water so its a clean fuel source meaning it won't pollute the air like power plants that burn fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas
  • hydroelectric power is a domestic source of energy, allowing each state to produce their own energy without being reliant on international fuel sources


  • hydropower offers advantages over other energy sources but faces unique environmental challenges
  • hydropower can impact water quality and flow

name the energy resources and wether they are renewable or not .

geothermal -renewable


hydropower -renewable



coal-non -renewable




A short description for each of the energy resources .

biomass- a material that is usually plant based material .

geothermal-energy made from the heat in the earth .

hydrpower- energy made when turbines are moved with water to create energy.

solar-solar panels take light from the sun to make energy

wind-wind turbines move when wind blows and makes energy.

petrolium-liquid mixture that makes energy

natural gas- formed when layers of plant overtime and create heat

coal- formed when plats are buried and cemented together over time to create energy

propane-energy used to make heat

uranium-atomic energy

Why Hydropower is a good resource to use

  • Hydropower produces about 90% of energy which only the best fossil fuels can only produce 50%
  • Hydropower can be the cheapest way to produce energy because rain and snow are free water resources from the sky
  • Usually Hydropower has a positive side of the environment first fishes can travel throughout the power planet so wherever it goes the powerplant doesn't block the fishes route
  • That if a Hydropower planet can help control the water of lakes for boating,swimming,fishing,and other water activities

Ways people can conserve or save energy such as water

  • At home you can save water a way you can save water is take less time in the shower and don't use to much hot water
  • don't leave the sink on while your brushing your teeth and remember to turn it off when your done
  • In the outdoors people save money from washing their own car so to save water is use the right amount of water when trying to clean a curtain spot
  • When mowing your lawn people should water their lawn

definition of renewable and nonrenewable resources

  • Any resources that can be replenish naturally over time in is called renewable resources.
  • Any resources that can not be replenish want's it is gone is called nonrenewable resources.


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Video on how Hydropower works

Go to 1:09 to see how it works
How hydroelectricity works

advantages and disadvantages of renewable resources

  • renewable energy will never run out
  • it is difficult to generate the quantitates of electricity