Legislative Branch

What branch Article 1 deals with

It talks about all the parts in the government that can handle the bills and important documents.

What qualifications of congressmen plus job expectations are needed.

No person can be in confess until they at least reach age 25. You also have to be 7 years a citizen in the United States of America. The last thing is when you are elected you hold not be inhabitant in the state which they are chosen in.

Meeting times of congress

The meetings of congress were changed in 1933 to january 3.

Powers granted to them

  1. Lay and collect taxes
  2. Borrow money
  3. regulate commerce
  4. establish a uniform rule
  5. coin money
  6. provide punishment
  7. establish post offices
  8. promise the progress of science
  9. constitute tribunals
  10. define and punish piracies
  11. declare war
  12. raise and support money
  13. provide and maintain an army
  14. make rules for the government
  15. calling forth the militia
  16. provide an organizing army
  17. exercise exclusive legislation
  18. to make all laws which be necessary

Rules of congress

Each house has its own rules which can punish members for bad behavior and can expel a member by two thirds a vote.,

How a bill becomes a law

It can become a law only by passing both houses of congress by being signed by the president. If the president vetoes it will go back to the house where is originated along with why the president vetoed the bill.It can become a law if both approve and the president doesn't and it will try to go against the president.