Pennsylvania:Place of Freedom


Have you ever wondered why Pennsylvania was so popular? Is it Lake Erie or the state land marks? Well, it all started with one man named William Penn II and an outlawed group called Quakers or Society of Friends. Pennsylvania was the first place of religious freedom & independence. William Penn II was the father of the state and was imprisoned several times for Quaker like activity. Quakers were outlawed in England which is the reason William Penn II was imprisoned several times. Those were just some of the reasons why Pennsylvania is unique.


Pennsylvania was the first place of religious freedom. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn II. To start off, Pennsylvania was one of the most popular colonies considering Ben Franklin lived there after retirement. Also, the French and Indian war was fought in Pennsylvania. During that war a tribe of Indians called the Delaware fought with the French. The first European to set foot on this land was Captain John Smith. That means that Smith had discovered Pennsylvania not William Penn II. Penn II had only founded it. These were just 5 things that made Pennsylvania popular then.

William Penn II

William Penn II was a Quaker and was proud of it even though Quakers were banned from England at the time. And although some people think that Penn II had discovered Pennsylvania, it was actually Captain John Smith that discovered the foresty land. William Penn II was imprisoned several times for Quaker like activity. Penn was arrested again for religious tolerance. Penn II had founded Penn's Wood's in 1699 with problems like illegal trade and piracy. After several trips to prison, I don't think William would like to go back.


Seeing that Pennsylvania is called "the Quaker colony", I thought I would throw some Quaker facts in. The only reason that Penn II wanted the colony of Pennsylvania was to have a place for his fellow Quakers to enjoy religious freedom in peace. After talking to the Indians, Penn II had heartbroken his father. Penn II was imprisoned several times for Quakerisum. And going back to one of his first times in prison Penn II wrote "No Cross,No Crown" in 1668. That was a piece of Quaker beliefs and practices. I think the Quaker colony has come a long way to turn into what it is now.


In conclusion, I think that Pennsylvania has come a long way. From the daring battles in the East to the peace and settlers in the west there was always the colony of Pennsylvania under everyone's feet. And William Penn II was either on grassy grounds or behind bars and on stone. If Penn II went to jail he would go alone or with fellow Quakers. Behind bars or not, Penn was and always will be the founder of Pennsylvania.


Delaware: A tribe of cruel Indians that teamed up with the French during the Indian and French War.

Lake Eire: One of the Great Lakes that were made by craters. The Delaware had lived there.

Quaker:A person of freedom and friends. These people were arrested for having mercy to the Indians.

Religious: A type of person that wants to be friends with everyone.


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