Dog Care

By: Martha Walker

Yorkshire and Shih tzu toy dog

Toy dogs like the Shih tzu and Yorkshire breed is called a Toy dog. Oky doky lets talk about the Shih tzu toy dog. The Shih tzu toy dog are full of personality. And from time to time they may tend to bark a lot and I mean a lot. What is better is that they don't need to walk so much.

Now how about the Yorkshire toy dog breed. The Yorkshire toy dogs have strong personalities. Make sure to be careful because they can be aggressive at times. But at least they are medium and small size.

Doglopedia - Yorkshire Terrier
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Doglopedia - Shih Tzu
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Mixed Dog Breads

Most of the mixed dog breeds are made of two or more different dog breeds. There are many many mixed dog breeds. Probably more than I know! Usually the mixed dog breeds are more healthy than the pure breeds. But it is harder to predict how they will act and how hard it will be to train them.


The best time to train your puppy is between living 3 - 6 months.

If you want to get your dog to learn right from wrong, right now is your time to know. All you have to do if your dog did something that is wrong stay near her/him and don't look at her/him (you'd dog will immediately know they'd is something wrong). If your dog did something good reword Her/him with a treat.

Pretty soon your dog will learn to do the right thing.

especially be sure from the vary first week you start potty training.

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