Nike Toothpaste


Target Market

My target market is everyone that has teeth. Older people that don't have teeth generally would not use my product because they don't have teeth to brush. My product would be advertised to get it done people that have motives. It would appeal to them because they are people that are active and would generally be a fan of Nike. We will also make children's toothpaste which is different from the adults. The children's toothpaste will be more flavorful and more appealing to the child's eye.
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The cost of the Nike toothpaste will be $5.00 for the adult sized toothpaste and the children's toothpaste will be 4.00 because it is smaller than the adult one.

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Nike Toothpaste Commercial

Paul George will be our star in the upcoming Nike toothpaste commercial because he is upcoming Hall of Famer and he has great teeth which is perfect for our ad. He is also already partnered with Nike which makes it even better.

About Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our toothpaste please contact us with the information below. Also if you want us to give us feedback we would like your opinion on our toothpaste.