Technological Trends

New and Emerging Technologies

The iPhone 6

- The iPhone 6 became a concept toward the end of last year

- They will be available for pre-order on September 12, and available for public purchase on September 19

- “The iPhone is more like a palmtop computer than a cellular device.” The iPhone has a visual interface that uses a home screen to list available functions. This is like a computer’s desktop, which is one thing that makes the iPhone such a high demand item. - It puts all the applications one might want to use on an easy to access screen, which is able to be touched by the user rather than scrolled through with a stylus or “flip-phone key pad”.

- At least, the iPhone 6 will be priced at $199

- This technology will help the business world. With every update, the iPhone becomes more user friendly. The iPhone will make communication between employees and associates easier, and have a larger and more navigable screen. There are also more sharing options. This allows for better communications, not only in the business world, but for everyone who uses this product.

Advances with 3-D Printers

- The first working 3D printer was created in 1984

- These printers are available to the public

- “A typical 3D printer is very much like an inkjet printer operated from a computer. It builds up a 3D model one layer at a time, from the bottom upward, by repeatedly printing over the same area. Working entirely automatically, the printer creates a model over a period of hours by turning a 3D CAD drawing into lots of two-dimensional, cross-sectional layers—effectively separate 2D prints that sit one on top of another, but without the paper in between. Instead of using ink, which would never build up to much volume, the printer deposits layers of molten plastic or powder and fuses them together (and to the existing structure) with adhesive or ultraviolet light.”

- A randomly selected brand, The MakerBot, had their smallest most basic printer available for purchase at $1,375

- I think this product could really benefit any company that designs anything, including products buildings, etc. It could also benefit organizations, such as hospitals, that are at short hand, or need certain things. A certain printer is capable of using materials that can produce biological tissues with actual blood vessels.

Agricultural Drones

- Drones have been around for a while, because the military has used drones in the past. Using drones for agricultural purposes was an idea that recently came to fruition.

- They are available for public purchase

- “Drones can be equipped with a variety of technologies such as cameras, lights, audio, sensors, video projectors, or even a robotic arm, which can increase the utility of a drone exponentially. The automation of farming has led to fewer people tending massive estates, with many growing to tens of thousands of acres. This means there are fewer eyes inspecting crops, with less chance of catching problems like disease, infestations, soil issues, or other deficiencies. Drones, however, have the ability to raise awareness, giving farmers powerful tools for managing both the plant and its growing environment throughout its lifecycle.”

- The simplest of drones is for sale for around $2500. Prices only go up from there

- This piece of technology will work best in the agriculture industry. This will increase production, and allow for better efficiency. This technology will also allow for more safe production and maintenance of crops.