OCTOBER 24, 2013

Greetings Parents!

Hi class families. Welcome to the newsletter. I am still trying to figure out this newsletter program so please bear with me. Newsletters will go out twice a month (every other Thursday) to help keep families informed. If you want to reach out to us before then, by all means do! We love to hear from you.


It's my favorite time of the year! HALLOWEEN!

Our Halloween Celebration will be held at 2:40 pm on the volleyball court area at North Campus.

Parents please remember the following:

  • You can start coming onto the campus at 2:00 to save a spot (being mindful that Grant’s dismissal is 2:20pm and the parade won't start until 2:40pm). We will section off and label the volleyball court so that there is a clear spectator area.
  • Send your child to school in their regular school clothes and their Halloween costume packed in their backpacks. Teachers and TAs will help children change into their costumes before the parade commences.
  • Each grade level will walk around a path twice.
  • Remember the basic costume guidelines included in last week’s e-mail message: no face paint, masks, fake blood, or weapons; wear comfortable shoes; make sure students can fit their costume over their school clothes.
  • Please remember if you would like to bring a treat for the class, please be sure that it is not candy or sugary sweets as these are not allowed.
  • Our class Room Parents will be having a meeting this week to decide what our class Halloween project will be. We may be reaching out to parents to help volunteer in the class for this project and bringing in materials (i.e. pumpkins for pumpkin carving). Keep in mind that in order to volunteer in the classroom, you will need to have completed a TB Test and Live Scan prior to October 31. Ms. Heather will let us know how many parents she needs.


Our school gets big grant money if we can show 100% class participation regardless of how much each family raises per event. There will be a competition between classes for who reaches 100% class participation and fun prizes like watching Dr. Ramona & Maureen getting slimed!

Key Walk-A-Thon Info:


  • WHEN: Thursday, November 21st on our South Campus

  • MONETARY GOAL: $60,000

  • ATTEND: All families are encouraged to come watch the fun and cheer on our walkers and runners


So what is "CWC's Got Talent" Anyways? It is a FREE reference guide for all of our families. Highlighting all our 9-5 jobs or any talents we may have that would be useful to our community. The parents here have a vast variety of jobs and talents and it would be great to support and help each other. This also makes our community stronger because you will get to know each other better and possibly hire each other. The book will be broken down into different sections which will make it easier for you to navigate. The hope is that you will look at this book and see if the CWC community has what you are looking for. Many families are willing to offer discounts at their stores or for their services (many of which you use frequently). Please take the time to fill out the form below if you haven't already done so (hard copies of this form were sent out a few weeks ago). Please forward any questions to Jennifer Newton at Thank you!

Click on this link, fill it out & be a part of our amazing CWCSL Community!


We are still trying to iron out processes and routines at CWCSL. Feel free to reach out if you have any idea, questions or feedback on school happenings.

Have a great week!

Pascha, Erin and Kerry

Don't forget to Log your Volunteer Hours

All that hard work pays off! Be sure to log your time.

Volunteer Hour Log:

Our First Field Trip!

Our very first field trip! Amy's Farm on Monday November 4.

If you have not completed the permission slip, please do so by Friday, Nov 1. The first four parents (with their TB tests and Live Scan completed) to let Ms. Heather know can chaperone on this fun trip.