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Attractive Villa in Sant Pere Pescador

Sant Pere Pescador is an attractive small town in the Costa Brava area of Spain. The fabulous sandy beaches dotting the 7 km long coastline of Sant Pere Pescador have made the town a leading destination for beach vacation. For an enjoyable vacation in an attractive villa, Sant Pere Pescador is the ideal holiday destination.

The villas in Sant Pere Pescador come in different styles. From the traditional one-storeyed white washed Catalan houses to lavish modern villas, there are countless options for holiday villa rentals in the Costa Brava town.

Villa Holiday in Sant Pere Pescador
Situated on the bank of the River Fluvia, Sant Pere Pescador is a typical Spanish town. The lush countryside in the neighborhood of the town offers a number of attractive spots that are worth exploring at a leisurely pace. Sant Pere Pescador is also home to one of the finest water skiing facilities of Europe. The clear turquoise water of the Bay of Roses lapping the sandy coastline is the key attraction of the town.

There is plenty of scope for aquatic activities in the scenic bay. The windy condition of the coast of Sant Pere Pescador has made the Costa Brava town a popular site for windsurfing. The World Windsurfing Championship is held every year in June in the fascinating town. With abundant attractions, Sant Pere Pescador is the perfect place for an interesting vacation. To get most out of your vacation and to enjoy the attractions of the town at your pace, choose a villa as your base in Sant Pere Pescador.

Villas in Sant Pere Pescador
In the beautiful coastal town, several holiday villas add to the attraction of Sant Pere Pescador vacation. Equipped with self-catering facilities, the villas give holidaymakers the liberty to spend their holiday their way. A spacious holiday home is the most affordable venue for partying with friends. An alfresco dinner can be arranged in the garden or terrace of the villa. And after a hectic day windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing or waterskiing, you can refresh your tired body by plunging in the freshwater of the villa swimming pool.

When the rising summer temperature prevents you from basking in the afternoon sun, you can escape the heat by confining yourself in the air-conditioned villa. There are also pet friendly holiday homes as well as villas with facilities for wheelchair access. Hence, a villa holiday is suitable for every person visiting Sant Pere Pescador.

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