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Michael Gangadeen: Community Supporter

Michael Gangadeen, a top trial lawyer in Queens, New York, views community as highly important. For Michael Gangadeen, community is what brings us together to form lasting relationships. Michael Gangadeen has spent much of his adult life in Queens, both in school and work. As a personal injury lawyer, Michael Gangadeen has gained a reputation in Queens for winning millions of dollars in personal injury awards for his clients. Michael Gangadeen supports his community through legal advocacy and assistance. New York lawyer Michael Gangadeen provides the following tips for getting involved in your community.

Provide Quality Service: The first way to build a strong relationship with your community is to provide quality service. Providing your community with quality service will lead to respect, and as a respected business, you will become well known and frequently patronized by community members. Communities look to local businesses to create an atmosphere of neighborhood friendliness. Becoming a community-centered business will give you renown in your area for years to come.

Give Tips: While you should certainly charge community members fairly for service in order to maintain your business, it cannot hurt your relationship to infrequently provide tips when asked. For example, a lawyer in the community might provide a small amount of free legal advice to a local non-profit. This costs the lawyer virtually nothing, while he or she gains the respect of the community.

Donate to Organizations: If you are the owner of a successful business, giving back to the community and donating to local organizations will increase the respect your receive from your fellow community members. Many communities have local organizations that support education, the homeless, or youth activities. Find an organization in your community and become a local sponsor to foster community engagement with your business. The return on this investment will be extremely beneficial.

A Strong Work Ethic: Michael Gangadeen

As a successful lawyer and owner of his own law firm, Gangadeen & Associates, Michael Gangadeen understands the importance of a strong work ethic. After graduating from Hofstra University and St. John’s University School of Law, Michael Gangadeen went on to become licensed to practice law in New York and held a position at State Farm Insurance Company. After five years at State Farm Insurance Company, Michael Gangadeen left in 2000 to pursue his goal of opening his own law firm. Michael Gangadeen was successful, bringing his law firm to the forefront in real estate and personal injury litigation. Michael Gangadeen, accomplished lawyer, provides advice on improving work ethic.

Set Goals: Setting goals is the best way to begin your path to a strong work ethic. When you set goals for yourself that aim high but are still reasonable, you give yourself room to grow. In addition, defined goals provide you with an impetus to move forward and a path for doing so. Achieving your goals further motivates you to continue to set and achieve more goals.

Create a System: Creating a system or a routine is also very helpful in establishing a strong work ethic. One way to start is to develop a system of work and reward for yourself in the workplace. For example, when you complete a section of a project, allow yourself a short break to have a snack or relax on with an online game. Find a system that works best for you, and then implement that system in the rest of your work life.

Love Your Job: Even if your current job is not your dream job, finding something to love about it will drastically increase your productivity and work ethic. If you view your job as monotonous, you will feel unmotivated. However, if you force yourself to have a positive attitude and search for small aspects of your job that you enjoy, your work ethic will skyrocket.

Michael Gangadeen on Litigation Skills

New York State Attorney at Law Michael Gangadeen is well-known for his superior litigation skills. As the founder of Gangadeen & Associates, Michael Gangadeen strives to achieve client satisfaction through excellence in litigation and trial advocacy. Michael Gangadeen has received millions in personal injury awards for his clients, and has proven his litigation skills time and time again. In addition, Michael Gangadeen was a superb student at St. John’s University School of Law, where he gained many of the litigation skills that allow him to excel as a top trial attorney. Here, Michael Gangadeen suggests ways for new lawyers to improve their litigation skills.

Observe: One of the best ways to improve your litigation skills is to observe other lawyers in action. If you are a new lawyer, ask the senior partners at your firm if you can observe them in court. If you’re a senior lawyer looking to brush up on your skills, perhaps shadow a friend or respected colleague. Observation allows you to objectively view what aspects of a person’s litigation routine work and do not work.

Taking in all of this information gives you the opportunity to add and subtract from your own litigation practices.

Practice: As we all know, practice makes perfect. While it may seem daunting, a great way for new lawyers to develop litigation skills quickly is to simply jump in and begin practicing. As you take on more cases and spend more time in the court room, you will develop more confidence and begin to feel comfortable with litigation.

Learn: It is never too late to continue learning. While you should learn significant litigation skills from your law school coursework, a refresher course is never a bad idea. Organizations such as the National Institute of Trial Advocacy offer specialized trainings in different aspects of litigation, providing you with excellent, reputable opportunities to further develop your skills.

Personal Injury Lawyer Michael Gangadeen

Michael Gangadeen, founder of and attorney at Gangadeen & Associates, specializes in personal injury litigation. At his law firm, Michael Gangadeen handles automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, broken bones, burn injuries, dog bites, insurance claims, highway accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, product liability, slips and falls, truck accidents, and wrongful death. Michael Gangadeen is known in Queens as an accomplished personal injury lawyer, having won millions of dollars in personal injury awards for his clients. As a successful personal injury attorney, Michael Gangadeen provides tips on how to choose a personal injury lawyer.

Connect: The first step in obtaining a personal injury lawyer is to make connections. Often, you will be able to find recommendations for reputable lawyers from friends or relatives. Another good way to search for lawyers is to contact your state’s bar association to locate a lawyer who specializes in personal injury litigation. Finally, you can get a referral to a personal injury lawyer from another lawyer whom you know or have worked with in the past.

Inquire: Once you have created a list of potential lawyers, you should schedule appointments for consultation. Compare and contrast how you feel about each lawyer in terms of experience and competency. Many lawyers provide a free first consultation, making it easy to meet and compare multiple lawyers. Remember to focus on finding a lawyer that you feel you can trust and work with for a period of time.

Follow Up: Finally, follow up with the lawyers you would most like to work with. Once you have hired one, remember that you are not necessarily committed for the entirety of the case. If you decide that this lawyer is not for you, feel free to seek out other legal help. Michael Gangadeen knows that having a lawyer you trust is the most important factor in a successful legal case.

Million Dollar Advocacy: Michael Gangadeen

Attorney Michael Gangadeen is a million-dollar advocate for his clients. Recognized as a top trial attorney in Queens, Michael Gangadeen attained membership in the exclusive Million Dollar Advocates Forum by winning millions of dollars in personal injury awards for his clients. The Million Dollar Advocates Forum is a prestigious organization for attorneys in the United States who have won million and multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts. Membership is invitation-only, and less than 1% of lawyers in the United States belong to the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. The Million Dollar Advocates Forum was established in 1993, and there are over 4,000 members across the country. The organization was designed to foster communication and professional relationships between successful trial attorneys across the United States. Acclaimed attorney Michael Gangadeen provides advice on how to become a million dollar advocate.

Experience: One aspect of achieving million dollar settlements and verdicts is experience. It may seem simplistic; yet, many do not recognize that they simply need to gain more experience before achieving their goals. Experience cannot be substituted. Gaining experience in practicing law and handling different types of cases and trials will be invaluable in helping you become a million dollar advocate.

Dedication: Dedication is key to any successful lawyer. A million dollar advocate is dedicated to providing his or her client with the best legal help possible. Furthermore, a million dollar advocate does not rest until he or she is able to achieve a settlement that his or her client deserves. A dedicated, experienced lawyer will go far in the goal for million dollar advocacy.

Skills: Finally, skills as an attorney are paramount in achieving the high goal of million dollar settlements and verdicts. A million dollar advocate will have developed skills through education and practical experience. He or she will be able to apply those skills to real-life situations, advocating for clients and receiving results.

Michael Gangadeen on Trial Advocacy

An accomplished lawyer in New York, Michael Gangadeen is well-known for his success in trial advocacy. After passing the bar exam and becoming licensed to practice law in New York in 1995, Michael Gangadeen joined the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. Michael Gangadeen has also had special training in The Art and Skill of Trial Advocacy, which he received from the National Institute of Trial Advocacy in 1995. Michael Gangadeen’s skill at trial advocacy has led him to win millions of dollars in personal injury awards for his clients. These trial successes gained Michael Gangadeen membership in the exclusive Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

As a successful trial advocacy lawyer, Michael Gangadeen highly recommends the programs at the National Institute of Trial Advocacy. The National Institute of Trial Advocacy is a non-profit organization that consists of professors, judges, and practicing attorneys who are committed to the belief that skilled and ethical advocacy is a key component of legal professionalism and seeking justice. The National Institute of Trial Advocacy was founded in 1971 with support from the American Bar Association (ABA) and funding from the Section of Judicial Administration of the ABA, the American College of Trial Lawyers, and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. The National Institute of Trial Advocacy outlines their goals as promoting justice via effective and ethical advocacy, training and mentoring lawyers to be competent and ethical, and developing and teaching trial advocacy skills in order to foster effective and fair justice.

Michael Gangadeen highly values the training program he underwent with the National Institute of Trial Advocacy in Chicago, Illinois. The Art and Skill of Trial Advocacy taught Michael Gangadeen how to effectively advocate during a trial. The training also taught Michael Gangadeen ethical ways of seeking justice for his clients. Overall, the program offered by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy was highly influential in the success of Michael Gangadeen’s legal career.

Real Estate Lawyer Michael Gangadeen

At Gangadeen & Associates, founder and attorney Michael Gangadeen excels in real estate law, which includes transactions and litigation. Michael Gangadeen offers services in residential transactions, commercial transactions, business transactions, leases, co-ops, condominiums, short sales, loan modifications, and foreclosures. Michael Gangadeen also provides legal assistance with landlord-tenant issues, partitions, quiet enjoyment encroachment, and trespassing. Michael Gangadeen is known as a skilled attorney in real estate law, and he successfully handles real estate transactions by addressing client needs. With the following tips, Michael Gangadeen can assist you in choosing a real estate attorney.

  • Ask for a Referral: While you can also contact the state’s bar association to find attorneys in your area with a specialty in real estate law, many individuals find it more comforting to use a lawyer whom the find via a referral. Ask friends or family who have bought or sold a house for recommendations for a good real estate lawyer. Hiring a lawyer whom you know you can trust will make your transaction significantly less stressful. Michael Gangadeen relies on referrals to meet new clients.

  • Schedule Consultations: Once you have a few lawyers in mind, schedule consultations. Many lawyers such as Michael Gangadeen provide free initial consultations, so there is no harm in exploring your options. Your goal in a consultation is to get a sense of the lawyer’s capabilities and experience, as well as to receive a probable figure for the cost of hiring the lawyer.

  • Choose the One You Trust: After exploring your options, you must choose a real estate lawyer to hire. Michael Gangadeen of Gangadeen & Associates recommends choosing a lawyer whom you trust. Even if you do not know the lawyer that well, a sense of trustworthiness and confidence in your lawyer’s capabilities will make for a congenial relationship and a smooth real estate transaction.

Becoming Your Own Boss: Michael Gangadeen

Before forming his own law firm, New York State attorney Michael Gangadeen was a lawyer for State Farm Insurance Company in Uniondale, New York. Michael Gangadeen began working at State Farm Insurance Company in 1995, just after he was admitted to practice law and joined the Bar Association in New York State. At State Farm Insurance Company, Michael Gangadeen did extensive research, prepared legal memorandums and briefs, and appeared at motions, conferences, and trials. Working at State Farm Insurance provided Michael Gangadeen with valuable experiencing at practicing law. In 2000, after holding his position at State Farm Insurance Company for five years, Michael Gangadeen chose to open his own law firm. Michael Gangadeen opened Gangadeen & Associates in Ozone Park, New York.

Making the career move to founding your own business and becoming your own boss is not a simple transition. Michael Gangadeen smoothed the transition through his strong organizational skills and work ethic. When opening Gangadeen & Associates, Michael Gangadeen created a system to remain attentive to all of his responsibilities. Michael Gangadeen was not only practicing law, but also running a company and attempting to create a successful law firm. Michael Gangadeen made the transition successful by maintaining his strong work ethic, which propelled him through his undergraduate and law degrees.

Michael Gangadeen successfully founded Gangadeen & Associates and brought the company to the forefront of real estate and personal injury litigation in New York City. Since forming Gangadeen & Associates, Michael Gangadeen has risen to acclaim as a top trial lawyer in Queens due to his successful wins resulting in millions of dollars in personal injury awards for his clients. By gaining experience in the field prior to opening his own firm, Michael Gangadeen prepared himself for the dual stress and responsibility of practicing law and running a law firm. In addition, Michael Gangadeen made his law firm successful through organizational skills and a strong work ethic.

Michael Gangadeen Founder of Gangadeen & Associates

Michael Gangadeen founded Gangadeen & Associates, his law firm, in 2000. After working as an attorney at State Farm Insurance Company for five years, Michael Gangadeen chose to open his own law firm in Ozone Park, New York. Michael Gangadeen developed the goal of opening his own law firm as a student as St. John’s University School of Law. Michael Gangadeen gradated from St. John’s University School of Law in 1994 with his J.D. Moving on to pass the bar exam, Michael Gangadeen became a licensed attorney in New York State in 1995. After this, Michael Gangadeen moved to success in the legal field. Michael Gangadeen joined the New York State Trial Lawyers Association and gained special training from the National Institute of Trial Advocacy. Additionally, Michael Gangadeen was admitted to practice law in the Federal Courts Eastern District and Southern Districts in 1996, as well as in Texas in 2007. After forming Gangadeen & Associates in 2000, Michael Gangadeen became renowned in Queens as a top trial attorney. Furthermore, Michael Gangadeen received millions of dollars in personal injury awards for his clients, gaining him membership in the exclusive Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Michael Gangadeen brought his extensive experience in law to Gangadeen & Associates, and he continues to use this experience to improve his law firm and maintain client satisfaction. Michael Gangadeen believes in the importance of satisfying one’s clients, therefore providing one with a solid customer base and referrals. As a lawyer with superior litigation skills, Michael Gangadeen relies on satisfied clients to refer their friends and family to him as a trustworthy attorney. Michael Gangadeen has built Gangadeen & Associates to be a recognizable name in Queens as a top law firm to use for real estate and personal injury litigation. Michael Gangadeen also specializes in related practices including employment and product liability litigation and collection law.