Pier 24 News

Mrs. Ebert

Dear UMAC Parents,

On Wednesday, Woods Creek had its first ever Veteran’s Day Assembly. Our school invited 14 Veterans to be honored at a special assembly assembly! Each grade level gave a short presentation and Mr. Muehling led our school in a variety of patriotic songs. It was a huge success and all the students were able to learn something new while giving thanks to our special guests. Please check out our Homeroom App and Twitter for pictures!!

We’d also like to remind you that classroom donations for our winter surprise are due on Wednesday, November 18.

For the Winter Party, I am looking for a parent volunteer to assist at the party and for a donation of sliced apples. Also, if there is any parent that is willing to donate a baked good for the Winter Carnival. Any donations are greatly appreciated!

April Ebert

Shared Reading

This week as we read a narrative non-fiction text titled, Everglades Forever, we learned about author bias. Our learners learned that this means that an author may choose to use his/her bias to justify their opinion within narrative nonfiction text. We were so proud of how our students learned how to find bias within their guided reading texts. Be sure to ask your child how we discussed that an author uses author bias by sharing their opinion and/or preference which may prevent the reader from having a neutral point of view throughout our stories this week..


New Friends: We are wrapping up unit 4 and will be testing next Wednesday, November 18. A study guide will be sent home Monday. Here are some of the concepts to review: comparing and ordering decimals, measuring to nearest centimeter and ½ centimeter, multiples and factors, prime and composite numbers, and adding/subtracting decimals.

Old Friends: This week our old friends dove into order of operations. I’m sure you remember learning, “Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally” to help remember this tricky skill! Next week we will begin long division. This means it is also imperative that your 5th grader be practicing basic division facts daily! Knowing these facts quickly will improve their confidence and accuracy at solving long division problems. Thank you in advance for your support in this area!

Tablets vs. Textbooks

Our writers have made their opinion about whether textbooks or tablets will help students make the highest academic gains. Next week we will continue to research facts to support each argument. Finally, students will create a presentation to explain their argument to an audience (their classmates and a few school board members)! I’m proud of my writers as they are learning a lot about persuasive writing and why it is important to find evidence to support their opinions.


Students will begin Investigation 3, titled Flippers, on Monday. In this investigation, students will observe and compare the behavior of model catapults, explore and identify the variables of the “flipper system”. We will continue to design and conduct controlled experiments and conduct multiple trials of teh same variable and calculate averages of the outcomes. Lastly, students will continue to practice making two-coordinate graphs to display the results of experiments

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, November 18: Early Release 2 pm

Thursday, November 19: Pie Pick up 3:45-6 pm (cafeteria)

Wednesday, November 25-Sunday, November 29: No School-Thanksgiving Break