The clock is ticking...

Our experience of fighting through the Amazon Jungle

List of items:

Rope- to help climb, catch animals, etc.

Flashlight- for light

Flint- to start a fire

Extra food- to eat and not starve

Water filter- can drink clean water

Pocket knife- to cut things

First aid kit- stay healthy and clean wounds

Backpack- carry all of our supplies

Compass- to tell what direction we're going in

Tarp- to provide shelter

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Map of the Amazon

After landing by a river, we followed the river the Santarém, Brazil. This was a little city in the rainforest by one of the rivers, and we ended up staying there.
Julia- from New Mexico, has 2 dogs, and has a brother who is in college at Alabama

Alaina- fast swimmer, twin, favorite color is light blue

Brooke- fast swimmer, had a pet snake, like to cook

What we used our fire for

While we were out in the jungle, we used a fire to provide light when it was dark, and warmth in the night. Also, the fire would attract bugs, which kept them away from us. Sometimes when we were hiking through the Amazon, we would make some sort of torch and use it as a weapon in case we needed a weapon to use against viscous animals.Lastly, we used the fire to cook any food that we caught.

Potential Problems of Starting a Fire

One of the problems in trying to get a fire stated is that the wood from the jungle is often wet. Another problem is that the fire attracted animals and bugs.

Starting a Fire Found in our natural habitat

Tree branch and two sticks (rub the sticks together)

Brooke's glasses to reflect the sunlight


Some of the daily struggles that we had were dehydration and exhaustion. But since we had our water filter, we could clean any water we found and clean it.


On the 2nd night, we were able to start a fire for the first time. We also used our rope to create a trap for an animal for our dinner. We were able to spear a fish with a wooden tree branch we sharpened, as well.