Physical and Chemical Changes

By Jonathan Curran

Physical Properties

Any characteristic of a material that can be observed or measured without

changing the identity of the material


Color and Shape

Length and Mass

Volume and Density (D=M/V

Physical Changes

The physical property of a substance change, but the identity of the substance does not change


changing from one state of matter to the next (ice melts to liquid, liquid boils to steam.)

Melting point = 0 degrees celsius, Boiling point = 100 degrees celsius

melting ice, smashing glass, tearing paper

Chemical Properties

Any charecteristic that gives a substance the ability to undergo a change that results in a whole new substance


Flamability (ablity to burn)

Reacts with oxygen (ability to rust)

Reacts with light (pictures being developed)

Reacts with water (medicine dissolving in water

Chemical Change

A change in the identity of a substance due to the chemical properties of that substance (you have a new substance thar is not reversible)


Flamabilty (ability to burn)

Reacts with oxygen (fruit rotting)

Heat and light (vitamins can change when exposed to light)

Electricity (water can be broken down with electricity)