Transition Planning

What to expect when transitioning your child to Kindergarten

“A good start to school improves a child’s chances of success from school entry to graduation!”

We want to ensure that your child’s entry-to-school plan provides you and your child time to learn and practice the skills and routines that will assist them in transitioning to school. We will help your child adjust quickly to the school setting, enjoy learning, and have a positive attitude towards their education!

Together we will acquaint your child with school routines and build the skills that will permit a smooth entry to school!

Throughout the process of transitioning your child you are not alone. There are many partners involved in the process. Here is a list of people and resources to assist you along the way:

At The School Level

o school board’s consultant or coordinator

o the school principal

o teachers

o other education professionals

At The Community Level

o preschool service providers

o health care providers

o social services

o community organizations

Our goals and process will be

1. To identify strategies to support your child make a successful transition

2. Develop a transition plan in collaboration with your child’s transition team

3. Implement strategies and determine next steps

Everyone that is involved in the plan will have roles and responsibilities.

Parents: your main duty will be to provide information about your child and prepare them for school.

Preschool agency: collaborating and sharing information and strategies to support the child’s entry to school.

The School Board, Principal, classroom and special education teachers: collaborate, coordinate, involve parents, and gather information to make the child’s entry to school a positive experience.