Every Child, Every Day

An Online Book Study on Digital Conversion

This is the story...

of how Superintendent Mark Edwards led the Mooresville, N.C. Graded School District in its goal of creating a vibrant new learning environment for teachers and students and achieving outstanding academic results through an innovative digital conversion initiative that provided every student and teacher with a laptop, despite a very modest resource base.

Every Child, Every Day gives readers a look at the visionary success factors that worked together to produce positive results-a culture of caring, digital resources, a relentless focus on data, leadership at all levels, and student-centered learning-and shows how their interplay drove, and can drive, academic improvement in virtually any school district. New funding strategies that address the budget issue combine with step-by-step replication tips to provide valuable inspiration and guidelines to help every school succeed on the digital conversion path to student achievement.

Class Structure

This is an entirely online study! Class "begins" Friday, March 14th and concludes Friday, April 25th. Reading assignments and guiding questions will be released weekly. Participants decide what day of the week and time of day to login!

Registration available via My Learning Plan at www.mylearningplan.com .