Red panda

What do you know about the animal you chose?

1) Fact File

The fact file must include :

1)Name: Red panda.

2) live in:lives in the western part of its range, in Nepal , Assam , Sikkim and Bhutan

3)it eats:It feeds mainly on bamboo , but is omnivorous and also eats eggs, birds , insects , and small mammals.

4)He can climb, He can not digest cellulose, so they must consume large quantities of bamboo to survive.

5)Red pandas are able to reproduce at around 18 months of age, and are fully mature at two to three years.

3)Write A Paragraph -Describe the animal you chose

雪で遊ぶレッサーパンダ〜Red Panda playing in the snow

5) Why Is This Animal Unique?

We think that special red panda Because he was different the other pandas And she knows climb and red.

6)A Pet

Yes, I want such an animal as a pet because it is a nice animal and a living disturbing cultural and climbing trees if something gets stuck in the tree.