Is there any out there?

Due to the lack of responsibility out there!

This is a type of hero that can change a lot of people in our society today. Lack of responsibility is all around us in our lives. It's in children, teens, and even adults. This type of hero could make the world a much better and safer place with. Making everyone more responsibly. This would be one brave and convincing hero.

This hero has many characterstics:

-Motto: Changing one person at a time to make the world a better place

-This hero believes that all people can change if they just open their eyes and realize, he'll work till there is no more

-Emotion is always good to have and this hero has plenty of it. It's not a forceful act but an eye opener for the people. If he has to yell he will but will not hurt or force you to change.

-If he is not able to change another person he responds and works that much harder on the next person.

-This hero will step in the act of lack of responsibility if he sees it. Or will confront if he doesn't see it happen, he just knows.

-He is tall and strong. but does not us his strength for bad just doing his job as a hero.