Sheneman Shoutout

January Newsletter

Lit. Corner

Our class read four books throughout January. I encourage families to invest in the following titles for your child's home library, so he or she can enjoy the stories again:
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Alphabet Soup

The students are continuing to learn that every letter of the alphabet has its own shape and sound. The students studied (Tt), (Ss), and (Ww) throughout January.
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Learning Centers

The students follow personal schedules in order to attend learning centers. Below are pictures from various learning centers.

A Word from Mrs. Stephie

Happy Winter Speech Families! The past two weeks in Early Childhood we talked about Winter, including clothing, activities, and snowmen. We read books associated with Winter, including Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathon London, The Mitten by Jan Brett and What Snowmen Do At Night by Caralyn Buehner. Activities included matching, sorting, associating, and inferencing as well as following directions, vocabulary and concept development, speech sound practice, and language expansion. We matched body parts to the appropriate winter clothes and talked about why we wear each item of clothing, helped Froggy get dressed for winter weather, sorted and categorized clothing by season, sorted and categorized activities by season, worked on phonemic awareness with beginning sounds, completed art projects, and pinned the nose on Olaf the Snowman. Some activities to complete together at home include making hot chocolate together (sequencing and action words), sort clothes by season, match winter clothes to appropriate body parts, completing snowman art projects, and sharing books. Have fun and stay warm!

Two Hour Delays

Winter is upon us! When the district declares a Two Hour Delay, please follow the schedule below:

The AM class will attend from 10:15-11:45

The PM class will attend on the regular schedule

If you choose to keep your child home on these days, please notify HSE transportation. Also, the missed day can not be made up or substituted for another day in the week.

Kindergarten Transition Conferences

Early Childhood teachers have begun transition conferences for students who receive special education services and will be entering Kindergarten next year. This is an opportunity to bring families, the Early Childhood staff, and the receiving staff at the elementary school, together, to talk about your child and make a plan for him or her going forward, into Kindergarten. We hold these conferences at the home schools. Dates and times have been set aside for the conferences throughout the district. Please check your email for the Kindergarten Transition information. If you have any questions, please contact me,