Presidential Pamphlet

Linley Norman and Abby Ruelle

Constitutional Requirement to be President

  • Natural born citizen.
  • Can only serve two terms.
  • Have to be 35 years or older.
  • One parent must be an American citizen.

Salary Benefits and Perks of the Job

  • $400,000 is the President's salary.
  • Unlimited staff.
  • Best recreation is available to the President.
  • Luxury/safe travel (Air force one).
  • Access to the Blair house.
  • Unlimited food- personal chef in the white house.
  • Abundant retirement benefits.
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10 Constitutional Powers of the President

1. The entirety of the "executive powers" are vested in the President.

2. President is the commander in chief of the Army and Navy, and the Militia of the states, when called into the actual service of the U.S.

3. Commission officers of the armed forces.

4. Grant pardons and reprieves from federal offences (except impeachments).

5. Convene special sessions of congress

6. Receive foreign ambassadors

7. Take care that federal laws are faithfully executed.

8. Wield executive power.

9. Appoint officials to lesser offices.

10. Make treaties.

the link to the worksheet in below

5 Leadership qualities in order to be President

  • Trustworthy- So the citizens are comfortable with decisions that he makes.
  • Decision making- Thoroughly thinks through his decisions so that he pleases his citizens and knows what he is doing.
  • Motivation- So he knows what work needs to be done and completes everything in good time.
  • Level 5 leader- Cares for the citizens and understands their needs so he can take care of them.
  • Conflict resolution- Even if he doesn't agree, he is willing to take others opinions into account.

Major Issues of the 2016 Election (Budget deficit)

As the President, I would find a solution to a problem using not only my ideas, but others as well. The citizens should have a say too and I would take their opinions into account. For example, budget deficit.

Budget deficit is a problem in America today. There has been way too much money spent and there needs to be a change. If I were president, I would take the people's opinion on the issue. By doing this, I would find out what they think should be cut from the budget. I would also rely on my understanding to choose what is best to cut, and what is important to keep.

As President i have the power to create a law without congress consent (Executive order). This power would allow me to enforce more budget restrictions. I would make sure a good amount of citizens agree with this law before enforcing it because i would be using Level five leader skills. With the citizens trust i believe this will benefit the entire country with a few minor changes to the country's sending habits.

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