By - Abi Ludwick

The STEAM lab is here!

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Here in the STEAM lab you can do all sorts of educational, fun things that help you learn and discover the world around you. The first theme for the STEAM lab is animals!

We have lots of fun planned for you!

We will have lots of fun stations, including...

  • the animal track station,
  • microscope station,
  • lego station,
  • engineering station,
  • and lots more!

Animal Tracks Station

Here at the animal track station, you can make and identify animal tracks using special tools! There are all sorts of tracks to observe. You can also make tracks and make your friends guess who they belong to!

Microscope Station

Have you ever wanted to look into a microscope? Well, now you can! There will be a microscope station when you go into the STEAM lab! Here you can look through the microscope at extremly cool, tiny images! You will learn how to adjust the microscope and look through it.

Lego Station

Here at this station, you can build amazing structures with legos. The possibilities are endless to what you can build!

Engineering Station

At this station, you can be like an real-life engineer and build amazing creations like engines or machines, with cool tools. You will learn a lot at this station and be able to take what you created home!

We look forward to seeing you!

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