CPR Training

Come for free training courses on CPR

Free Clinic

The Dawson Town Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to come partake in our free CPR clinic this Tuesday. Train and talk with some Dawson Town's best EMTs and Paramedics.

This Monday at the Civic Center

Why should I come you may ask? well, here in Dawson Town we pride ourselves in being able to offer the courses and make our town a safer place to live. So what you should ask yourself is why wouldn't I?

Statistic Death Rate

​According to Injury Facts 2015, choking was the fourth leading cause of unintentional injury deaths in 2011, following poisonings, motor vehicle crashes and falls. While choking is a hazard for all ages, choking deaths peaked at age 84 in 2011, with 159 deaths.
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Why do you need CPR

Medically referred to as asphyxia, suffocation occurs when the body is deprived of oxygen, causing abnormal and impeded breathing. When the body lacks oxygen, the organs and tissues will fail.

Civic Center Contact

You may contact us through the outlets given.