Rip Tide

Elizabeth Safranek


NOTHING can stop you when you have your mind set to it.


Growing up, Ty knew that the ocean was a dangerous place. When ever he swims outside his family's subsea's farm, he has to be prepared to face all kinds of aquatic predators like: sharks, squids, and killer whales. What Ty isn't expecting to find is an entire township chained to a sunken airplane. The people and other living things condemned to an underwater grave. It's only the first clue to a mystery that has claimed hundreds of lives. And if Ty and his topsider girlfriend Gemma aren't careful it might happen to them too. Now Ty and Gemma find themselves in a fight with Shade, Pretty, and other outlaws who get in there way from finding out who chained the township, and finding the other 3 townships that go missing. They found the first township by trying to hunt for food and looking for a bunch of collector items (since Ty is a collector of junk, if u want to call it that but to him its treasure). They found the other one by finding Shade, the Mayor and following the clues that they gave them. These clues led them to the junk yard where they found the last township. This was where they thought it would be, and they figured out who was behind it all....


Ty loves Gemma when he first met her. Now she has moved out and he's been trying to get to see her all of the time. But she's only been spending time with him when he would go out looking for fish to eat for dinner. Ty is also very concerned with his parents because they have been kidnapped by the surfs when they where trying to sell there underwater seaweed to the surfs for more money.


In the first book, Gemma was found by Ty in a sub with a lot of blood EVERYWHERE. She had no other place to go so Ty and Gemma lived together. Ty and Gemma kissed when the trade station was about to sink but Ty and his dark gift saved everyone. He used a stress signal to get the dolphins to carry them up to the surface just in time. Since then she's been scared to go out into the sea because she says that she's seeing ghosts everywhere she looks. Pretty (shades crew member) took the images out of Gemma's head so that she could live with Ty again and go swimming.


The book took place underwater where everyone lived and put all of there junk. At a stadium above water level. The stadium is half full with alligator kind of animals in it. The people of the townships would have to try and kill the alligators for the meat, skin, and insides to use. In a boxing ring / stadium since Shade was boxing for money but then he got arrested and he had to be put in a cell with a shark.


The conflict of Rip Tide is that Ty and Gemma were in the junk area when Ty came up to something big and they didn't know what it was. Ty went up to the window and he saw people; kids, adults, and baby's that all died because the heating system of Nomad was broken and the genaraters were out, so they couldn't get any heat. They gave it to the Coast Guards to check out. Then Shade showed up to the Nomad and saw all of the dead body's. Ty and Gemma later went to the boxing match to find answers about Drift because Tys parents were kidnapped. Later in the boxing match, Shade got arrested and Ty went in his place because the show must go on, just to find out answers. Ty won, and went on to another match. This match was between a beast and a human, not two humans. The stadium was half filled with water, really big alligators with legs came flying out of the water. Who ever killed the first alligator would win the 500 or 700 pound animal for the township that they represented. Ty and Gemma found out that Mayor Fife was behind the whole thing, the deaths in the townships and he was selling illegal food and goods to other townships for money and profit for himself. Ty and Gemma turn Mayor Fife into the Coast Guard and was arrested.


This is Kat Falls :). The author of Rip Tide, Dark Life, and Inhuman. Kat lives in Evanston, Illinois with her husband, theater director Robert Falls, their three children and a whole slew of pets. She grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as an undergrad and went on to receive an MFA from Northwestern University where she now teaches screenwriting.