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Math Moments - January 2015

Math War

Why do kids need to learn their math facts?

Why do kids need to learn their math facts? In today's world we have calculators and computers - so isn't it just "old school" to teach the basic facts?

Learning math facts is the beginning foundation for a child to build and achieve later successes in higher level math concepts. Fact fluency is the automatic and quick recall of the basic facts in all four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Research tells us that automatic recall of facts allows students to free up their working memory and devote it to problem solving, new concepts, and new skills.

Other important reasons for having children develop fact fluency include:

  • If a child can master his/her math facts well, he/she will be less likely to be confused with learning other procedures and won't get lost in the computations of simple facts.
  • Math anxiety is greatly reduced because a child doesn't feel lost or that he/she is falling behind.
  • As a child enters the upper elementary grades, the demands for solving problems increases and a child can spend too much time solving simple computations when s/he should be attending to the procedures.

How can you help your child to learn their facts and develop fact fluency? There are many resources to assist such as:

  • Flash cards
  • A deck of cards (multiply the two numbers on the cards, add the two numbers on the cards)
  • Math games
  • Math apps
  • While driving to/from activities or waiting in the grocery store line or doctor's office you can ask your child math facts.

If you would like math resources, reach out to us:

Bev Turner, Math Teacher (

Donna McLoughlin, Math Teacher (

Math Apps of the Month - Hungry Fish and Hungry Guppy

This month we are highlighting two Motion Math apps because they all relate to developing fact fluency. Check out the videos below for Hungry Fish and Hungry Guppy. Both are fun, engaging ways to provide your child with opportunities to practice math facts. Watch the videos below for a tour of how each on works. They are available for both iOS and Android.

Motion Math: Hungry Fish
Motion Math: Hungry Guppy - a fun math game for 3- to 7-year-olds
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