Past & Present Rights Activists

What can you see and do?

Investigate on Your Own!

Using any of these resources, find a news/magazine/any type of article from the Civil Rights Movement. Then find a current article using (if you can) the same organization. Example: If you find something previously published with The Seattle Times, try to find a current article from The Seattle Times.

Here are some possible places to look:

The New York Times

Time Magazine


Songs of Freedom

Pick a song from this youtube list, or you can find a different song from the Civil Rights Movement Era. Then describe how it connects and supports the CRM. Next find your own artist and/or song and describe why and how it represents a current issue in American Civil Rights. Please provide a link to the song/artist.

Write a Poem

In your own words write a poem that reflects your understanding of the Civil Rights Movement, as well as what you feel currently about your own rights and freedoms.

No haikus please for this project.

Group Act

In groups of 4-5 people you are going to storyboard a timeline of events that happened during the Civil Rights Movement, and then act out those events in your groups. You can have props, but they are not required.

The New Jim Crow: Panel Discussion

Thursday, May 7th, 7pm

Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center, 3931 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA

There will be a discussion/lecture open to the public to discuss the material from the book, The New Jim Crow, written by Michelle Alexander.

Attend this University of Washington Event and write a brief reflection of what you saw and heard.

Make a Video!

Make your own video using MovieMaker for Windows, or iMovie for Apple product users.

Make your own movie using music and audio to reflect the ideas of a Civil Rights Activist of your choice, past or present.

Find Your Activist!

Go to the FamousPeople and find an activist (current or past), that you can create a visual project for. You can create a Poster or a piece of original artwork that describes the individual and can demonstrate your understanding of their accomplishments.