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Apil 8, 2016

Reading A to Z Homework Books

Many students are advancing to higher levels on their reading books. As student progress to harder levels it is important to listen to them read and make sure they are correctly and fluently reading the words. (Many of the harder words will be from memorization, but I am looking for the sight words they are identifying in each book.) It is ok if students do not return a book everyday. I would rather they read the book fluently than worrying about having it returned daily. With the harder levels students might take longer to read each book and I don't want them to have to do homework for longer than 15-20 minutes a night. :)

Usbourne Book Fundraiser

Usbourne Fundraiser packets are due April 15th. This is a great opportunity to add to your home library to prepare for summer and also to add to your child's school book supply as well! 50% of your child's pledge comes back to them in books and 50% goes to your child's school. If you are having trouble getting to 300 minutes please let me know. We can use minutes read during school as well! Click here to make a wish list for your child. Below is a video of the Shine-a-Light books. They are so neat! Please let me know if you have any questions about this fundraiser.
Shine-a-Light Books

Behavior Notifications through Class Dojo

I will now be notifying parents when their child pulls a white card through Class Dojo. We are on the home stretch and we are having many behavior issues arise. That being said, I don't always remember to send behavior notes home. To fix this I will be sending these messages through Class Dojo so I can make sure parents are receiving them. Please reply to these messages so I know you are aware of your child's behavior. Thank you!


Just a friendly reminder that snacks are due the first Monday of each month. We have had some students bring them in, but not many. Every child gets a snack each day, so please send in snacks with your child so we have enough for everyone each day.


Monday, April 11th - Friday, April 15th - College Week at East

Friday, April 15th - Usbourne Fundraiser Due

Friday, April 15th - East PTO Sock Hop 6-8pm

Friday, April 22nd - Earth Day/ Field Trip to the Park

Friday, May 13th - Field Trip to Bennett Spring State Park

Thursday, May 26th - Last day of school: Release @ 1:00.

College Week at East Elementary

  • Monday, April 11th: Crazy Hair Day - College kids sometimes have to get up and run to class with crazy hair!
  • Tuesday, April 12th: Hat Day - Wear a hat of a career or college that fits for you.
  • Wednesday, April 13th: Career Dress - Dress for a career that interest you. (No costumes)
  • Thursday, April 14th: Sweats Day - College kids get to spend a lot of time in their comfy sweats.
  • Friday, April 15th: College Shirt Day - Wear your favorite college shirt.

Field Trip to the Park

We are planning a trip to the park on April 22nd. Permission slips will be sent home when we have final approval through the office. We will know if there will be a fee once we have approval. Students can bring a sack lunch or can get a sack lunch from the caferteria for a normal lunch fee. Parent chaperones will not be needed for this trip, but will be welcome for our May 13th trip to Bennet Springs.

The Great Attendance Party

All students who have 90% attendance or higher for the 2015-2016 school year or 95% pr higher from April 1st to May 25th will get to attend the attendance celebration. Tardies also count against a students attendance.

Can your child read this?

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Letter of the Week - Uu

Our letter this week is Uu. This is also a review week for letters we have learned in Unit 5. Please share the videos below with your children. They love to learn them and sing along!
ABC Song: The Letter U, "Unstoppable U" by StoryBots
"The Letter U Song" by

Contact Information

The easiest way to keep in contact is through Class Dojo. If you need information about signing up for Class Dojo notifications please contact me and I will assist you with getting access. Also, please make sure we have updated phone numbers and emails on file so we can keep in touch. Thanks!