1984 vs The Maze Runner

Paper vs Movie

The Maze Runner | Official Final Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Summary of "The Maze Runner"

The Maze Runner portrays a dystopian society where there are around 30 boys, Gladers, in a little square living quarters. They are trapped in this area called the Glade, that the the Creators put them in, surrounded by a giant maze. There are a few Gladers called “Maze Runners”, these Maze Runners run through the maze every day, tracking and recording each turn and how the maze is laid out. Thomas, the protagonist, is a boy of about 18 who is sent up in a box by the government to join the other Gladers. A new Glader is sent up every month along with supplies. This has been going on for three years. Right after Thomas arrives, one of the Maze Runners is stung by a Griever aka an electronic monster that eats people or stings them and makes them go mad. Thomas breaks the Gladers’ rules by entering the maze right after he arrives, no one is supposed to enter the maze unless you’re a Maze Runner. Things start changing after Thomas arrives and people get suspicious. Soon after, a girl named Teresa is sent up in the box with a note that says “She is the last one. EVER”. The boys freak out. Thomas kills a Griever and the Gladers have to choose a side: to enter the maze and maybe find a way out or stay behind and not risk getting stung or eaten by a Griever. The people who enter the maze to risk it, battle and kill Grievers but eventually find an escape. They discover that most of the Creators have been killed and the boys were just part of an experiment. Thomas was in on it with the Creators. It ends in a cliffhanger leading up to “Stage Two” which is called “The Scorch Trials”.


Both the movie and the book were controlled by a higher power. Someone was watching the Gladers and the Party members at all times. 1984 and The Maze Runner societies have both had to overcome some sort of destruction from the past. In 1984, we are unsure of what exactly that destruction of society was. The Maze Runner's devastation happened with "The Flare" when people were burned and killed and a man-made disease was created. It was a virus that slowly eats away the brain, and eventually turns victims into blood-thirsty and insane human beings who eat other humans.

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